Change Your Whatsapp Account Phone Number To Another

This tutorial is about how to change your Whatsapp account phone number with another. And yes, so many people ask themselves this same question from time to time well as many end up not finding the right solutions they may be in need for.

With Whatsapp being one of the popular and top most used social applications by people of almost all ages, in addition to the different people owning more than a single phone number, and or in need of changing to a new phone number, that has created a need to learn and know how to go about changing an account current associated number to a new one of choice.

That’s why I decided to write this post as a response to my readers requests since this was one of the top questions different people emailed me asking for my help.

By default, Whatsapp application has an option for changing the phone number well as where this is located is what confuses the different users. In fact, the whole process is very simple and doesn’t even require a lot of minutes and configurations.

Let’s look at the process of changing your Whatsapp application phone number so that your contacts can be able to communicate to you.

1. Start by launching the Whatsapp icon and ensuring that you are logged into your account.

2. Tap account and scroll down to Change Number.

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3. Enter your current account phone number and the new one and wait the verification SMS/Text on the new number you have added.

4. Confirm the verification code by typing it in the box provided and you will be done. Your new Whatsapp number will be activated.

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