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Best Ways to Convert HEIC to PDF These Days

By KWS Adams Nov13,2023
Convert HEIC to PDF

As you know, HEIC is an image format that is only supported on Apple devices. With that, not all devices among which Android devices are on the top of the list will support this kind of picture. Here issues can be many and different. However, you will sometimes need a resource that may assist you in converting HEIC to PDF in no moments. This is where the HEIC to PDF converter comes into play.

Let us explore this converter and other reliable ways to convert HEIC to PDF abruptly!


Apple devices only support this particular image file. One of the best benefits of this format is its much-reduced size. It means if you are an APPLE user, then you can store your high-quality images in a very short space without compromising on pixel ratios.


A portable document first is the best document to share information online. It was developed by Adobe. PDF can contain images, text, links, or other types of data. If you are an Android user and willing to see Apple high-definition pictures on your device, then you can use the HEIC to PDF converter and open it with no issue. Your pic quality will never be distorted and you will feel like you are using an Apple phone as well.

Conversion on Windows:

  • You may open software on Windows to turn HEIC into PDF pictures
  • After you open, upload the document and tap on the convert button to initiate the conversion
  • Save your file in a folder

Conversion on MAC:

If you are a MAC user, you might find no difficulty in converting HEIC to PDF in a matter of seconds. Let us find out how!

  • Open the software
  • Upload HEIC image
  • Go to settings >> Change to PDF
  • Save your pdf image file in quality pixel ratio

Online Conversion:

As discussed before, you can use the HEIC to PDF converter to initiate and complete your HEIC to PDF conversions. With the converter, you do not have to depend on other conversion methods as aforementioned. Just drag and drop the pictures on the tool and tap on CONVERT to initiate your conversions at a fast pace.


  • Free of cost
  • Allows batch conversions of up to 10 files (max size = 50MB)
  • You can share and save PDF pictures in seconds
  • No need for account creation as everything is just a single click away

Why Convert HEIC To PDF?

The following reasons make the HEIC to PDF conversion a necessary task:

  • Photo Albums are Stored Digitally: Instead of hundreds of individual photographs, you will have one large file that is accessible from any device. Some recording studios and companies that make video games give such albums away as collectibles to the fans who are most loyal to them.
  • Catalog of the Product Line: Businesses must demonstrate their product lines to potential customers. To reiterate, successfully combining photos into a PDF file works flawlessly. It will be possible to add text and extra graphics later.
  • Send the Papers in Standard Format: PDF (Portable Document Format) has become a de facto standard for the interchange of electronic documents. Taking a picture of a contract and attaching it to an email as a document is sometimes all that is required.
  • Sending Images Over Email: The High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC) is not widely used and may not be compatible with some pieces of hardware or software. Conversion ensures that recipients will be able to view your photographs in the format that you specify.


The tool is the product of Theonlineconverter, which is one of the trustworthy sites for online conversions. You are free of any registration as everything is available free of cost. No need to pay a single penny for your unlimited conversions.

By KWS Adams

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