Did Freenom.com Stop Renewing Free .tk Domain Names?

Freenom.com Free Domain Names Do you own a free dot tk domain name? Is your free .tk, .ml, .ga, .c, .gq domain name closer to it’s expiry date and wondering you will be able to renews it? May be you should read this post about my own personal Freenom.com experience with regard to having my 4 years registered domain not renewed, taken and marked as a Special domain name. And yes, this is what happened to me, and which is what I am sharing with you so you can know what may come next.

If you can recall, it hasn’t been very long ever since Freenom.com made it harder when it came to registering new free domain names inform of Error code 0x08823 Registration failed. This error raised a lot of concerns to those who used Freenom.com (Formerly dot tk) domain names since it all looked like the free service was no longer available. And now, even before the Prior error remains unsolved with no one knowing an exact answer, its the failure for one to renew his or her free domain name. Yes, I have gone through this and eventually failed to renew the free dot tk domain name I had been using for the past 4 years.

Freenom Domain Renewal Notice

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As always, one was sent an email reminder for a domain name to be renewed, and which had to be done within two weeks before the expiry date. And this time round, I got the same email message, clicked the link to my Domain dashboard but was very surprised to find out that the Freenom.com domain renewal option wasn’t available any more. I first thought that may be it was a glitch, but only came to know how it looked a permanent situation after rechecking for a number of days not until I lost my domain name.

What made me ask this is the fact that when I attempted to register it a fresh, this time round my 4 year domain name had been upgraded to a special status where I would only acquire it after paying up to $9.95. This is so sad for the domain I have been using in addition to the fact that new registrations seem to have a problem. Just asking if you have too gone through this? Please share..

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