DNA Testing in Wandegeya, Uganda

Where_to_perform_a_DNA_test_in_Uganda_sawmgtIn an effort to confirm the biological relationships between parents (commonly fathers) with their children in Uganda, going for DNA testing in Wadegeya has been as the only solution to help find out.

Carrying out a prenatal paternity test in Uganda in past used to be seen as a “thing” of the rich only, but thanks to new developments which made it very possible for almost all people to be able to do such tests, something which has helped many get to know the issue of raising their very own or someone else’s children.

Where to carry out DNA tests in Kampala is no longer a hot question since there are very many DNA testing labs in Uganda, something which has helped many get to know their biological relationships.

Determining how much is a DNA test in Uganda is a question which varies depending on where one goes with the costs starting from as low as Uganda shillings 245,000/= for each sample.

Where to carry out a DNA test in Uganda (DNA Centers)

  1. KIH Paternity Clinic – Kampala Independent Hospital 869 Nalya Road Ntinda
  2. Multi Systems Clinic Labs Ltd – (Bombo road Kampala)
  3. Lancet Laboratories Uganda Ltd – Plot 99/101 BUganda Road behind YMCA Kampala
  4. MBN Clinical Laboratories – Plot 28 Nakasero Rd, Kampala Uganda
  5. DNA Worldwide – Kampala DNA Testing Clinic, Kampala
  6. Gulu Independent Hospital
  7. Little Oak DNA Testing – Kampala, Mbarara and Masaka
  8. DDC DNA Center Uganda – A.H.T. Uganda, Plot 249 Park Road, Kulungu, Bunga – Gaba, Kampala
  9. US Embassy in Uganda (For those migrating to the US for custody issues)
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The above is a list of the different DNA diagnostic center Uganda and make a choice on were you will go to perform a DNA test.

The next time you want to confirm your biological relations with anyone else, you can want to carry out a DNA test in Uganda. Many people have tried it and found it very helpful since it helps to clear the air.

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