How to Activate WP Encryption Free SSL Auto Renewal For WordPress

WP Encryption Free SSL

Free SSL Certificate Auto Renew is a premium WP Encryption feature that allows you to enjoy all other free user benefits in addition to automatic SSL installation, SSL automatic renewal, Wildcard SSL, Multisite, and mapped domain support.

But, what if you activate the auto-renew feature without upgrading the current plan to premium? In this post, we see whether it is possible to access all WP Encryption features for free or not possible.

What is WP Encryption?

WP Encryption is a One-Click Free SSL Certificate plugin that allows you to generate a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for your WordPress website. With the free SSL for a lifetime, you are able to force SSL / HTTPS site-wide, check your SSL score, and fix insecure content and mixed content issues easily in addition to adding an HTTPS secure padlock on your site within minutes.

Features of WP Encryption WordPress Plugin (free and paid plans)

Verify domain ownership and generate free SSL certificate

Secure webmail and email with SSL certificate

Download generated SSL certificate, key and Intermediate certificate files

Force HTTPS / Enable HTTPS redirection sitewide in one click

HTTPS redirection includes redirect loop fix for Cloudflare, StackPath, Load balancers and reverse proxies.

SSL Health page – Track your SSL score and control various SSL features

Enable mixed content / insecure content fixer

Upgrade insecure requests

HSTS Strict transport security Headers

Automatic email notification prior to SSL certificate expiration

Automatic domain verification

Automatic SSL certificate installation

Automatic SSL renewal (Auto renews SSL certificate 30 days prior to expiry date)

Wildcard SSL support – Install Wildcard SSL certificate for your primary domain that covers ALL sub-domains. Automatic DNS based domain verification for Wildcard SSL installation (DNS should be managed by cPanel or Godaddy)

Multisite + Mapped domains support – Supports SSL installation for domains mapped with MU domain mapping plugin

Automatic Content Delivery Network(CDN) to boost your site performance (Annual Plan Only)

Blocks SQL injection, XSS, Shellshock, Remote File Inclusion, Apache Structs Exploits, Local File Inclusion attacks.

Blocks common web application vulnerabilities and common WordPress attacks.

Blocks invalid user agents, unknown user agents, CSRF, Convicted bot traffic, Spam & abuse, Probing & forced browsing, Brute force attacks.

Top notch one-to-one priority support – Live Chat, Email, Premium Support Forum

SSL installation help for non-cPanel sites

WP Encryption Free Vs Paid

With WP Encryption free, everything from domain verification to certificate installation is done manually. On the other hand, the WP Encryption premium allows everything to be done automatically right from domain verification, certificate installation, multisite support, mapped domains support, etc.

Installing and Activating WP Encryption One Click Free SSL Certificat

  • Log into “WordPress Admin”
  • Click “Add New” under plugins
  • Search for “WP Encryption”
  • Click “Install Now”
  • Click “Activate”

Configuring WP Encryption plugin for use

  • Scroll to “WP Encryption”
  • Click “ WP Encryption”
  • Fill in all “Required information”
  • Follow “Steps”
  • Verify your “Domain”
  • Generate the “Certificates”
  • Download “Certificate Files”

Installing WP Encryption Certificate on Server

  • Log into your “Hosting Control Panel”
  • Go to “SSL”
  • Copy and paste “Generated Certificates”
  • Click “Install Certificate”
  • Reload your “Website”

At this time, you should see the padlock icon in your web browser once you reload your website. SSL for a lifetime has been activated on your website. The certificate is valid for 90 days (3 months) after which you will need to renew it to continue enjoying the benefits. For free users, it’s manual while for premium upgraded users, the renewal process is automatic.

Renewing WP Encryption Free SSL Certificate

  • Log into “WordPress Admin”
  • Open “WP Encryption”
  • Click “Renew SSL Certificate”
  • Follow all “Steps”
  • Download “Issued Certificates”
  • Upload them to “Web host cPanel”

Activate WP Encryption Free SSL Auto-Renewal

In order to activate WP Encryption SSL auto-renewal as a free user, you will need to upgrade your plan. You have two options to choose from i.e., annually or lifetime. With the annual upgrade, you pay $29 per year for a single site, $59 per year for 3 sites (saving up to 12%), and $199 per year for an unlimited number of sites. On the other hand, paying for life allows you $49 per year for a single site, $129 per year for 3 sites (saving up to 12%), and $299 per year for an unlimited number of sites.

Winding up

In reality, there is no free way to activate WP Encryption free SSL certificate automatic renew unless you pay for an upgrade. Paying allows you to save a certain percentage thus allowing you to get all features at a low cost. Alternatively, using the WP Encryption promo code gives you a chance to get free premium upgrades and be like a boss. Remember, a site that is SSL is more secure when compared with that without.

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