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Tebandeke Haafithu
Source: Gofundme Fundraising Campaign for Tebadeke Haafithu’s Heart Surgery

We are Raising $5,100 for Little Tebandeke’s Heart Surgery at the Uganda Heart Institute. By donating today, you are not only saving a life but also, giving the 6 year little boy a healthy future.

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Tebandeke Haafithu is 6 years old, and born of Kateregga and Nankya of Kampala Uganda.

He was born with a Radial Club Hand (Right-Hand Side). At the hospital, doctors advised his parents to take him to Corsu Rehabilitation Hospital for further management.

Tebandeke Haafithu’s Heart Surgery Gofundme Fundraising Campaign

After 3 days, Haafithu was taken to Corsu Rehabilitation Hospital, where doctors advised his parents to take him to Uganda Heart Institute at Mulago National Referral Hospital for a heart check before anything could be done. At the Heart Institute, it was discovered that the young boy had 2 small holes in the heart and it was assumed that they would close as he grew.

Tenadeke Haafithu
Tebandeke Haafithu

In May 2019, Haafithu underwent an operation at Corsu Hospital after a series of tests and visits where a K Wire was inserted in the affected hand in a bid to reposition it. The operation was half sponsored by well-wishers, and the parents paid half the fees. After 2 months, the young boy had a second operation where the inserted K wire was removed.

Tebandeke's CARDIAC ECHO REPORT from Uganda Heart Institue

In July 2022, Haafithu was admitted to Mulago National Referral Hospital in the Acute section due to a serious cough that had failed starter treatment for 3 weeks for further management. During his stay at the Intensive care unit on oxygen support, a series of tests were run including Urinalysis, Chest X-rays, Abdominal Scans, Blood Samples, etc. Upon diagnosis, it was found that his chest had issues and additional checks and tests were required including those of the heart. At the Heart Institute, ECHO and ECG tests were done. According to the medical report, a Large Secundum ASD with RA/RV volume overload was discovered. The parents were advised to keep taking Haafithu back for follow-ups and checkups, while continuous Tabs Laxis was administered.

Tebandeke's Heart Surgery Invoice Uganda Heart Institue

In November 2022, an Invoice of USHS 18,674,150 – Eighteen million, six hundred seventy-four thousand one hundred fifty Uganda shillings (USD $5,024.97) for the operation was released by the Uganda Heart Institute. The parents were advised to look for the money as soon as they could so that Tebandeke could have the life saving operation come February 2023. Tebandeke’s parents have to date failed to find the money for the operation, thus the young boy’s life is at risk.

Tenbandeke going to school

It is for this reason that I decided to start this fundraising for Tebandeke’s heart surgery. Together with his family, we humbly ask for your help to ease this burden. The funds raised will be used to pay for the medical expenses and post-surgery bills and will be wired directly to the Uganda Heart Institute bank account in Favor of the little boy. Any remaining funds will be sent to the parents through their bank account.

Together, we can save the little boy. For those who can’t contribute via GoFundMe, you can directly get in touch with Tebandeke’s parents at +256788009000 via call or WhatsApp and see how to help.

Donate to Tebandeke’s Heart Surgery

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