Download Uganda Passport Application Form G in PDF

New Uganda e-passportYou can download the new updated Uganda passport application form G, print it, fill and sign it and submit it to the immigration offices or passport control offices together with all other required details.

This Uganda passport application form G is mandatory regardless of the type of passport you are applying for. It is used on both new, lost / damaged, ordinary, diplomatic and official passport applications regardless of whether it is a normal or express application.

The new form G did replace the old form A and B when Uganda introduced the new East African Passport aka the e-Passport. Please take a close look at all contained fields and fill them according your citizenship status and type of passport you are applying for.

Uganda passport application form GNote: Form G can be picked from all Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration control offices across Uganda and or from Embassies and consulates in other countries. If you are online, download form G in PDF form from the Immigration portal.

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Other Uganda Passport application forms

The downloaded forms are attached with all other requirements when submitting in your request and by the applicant in person.

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