Types Of Passports In Uganda And How to Apply For An e-Passport

Uganda passport There are up to 3 different types of passports in Uganda. They include the ordinary, official and diplomatic e-Passports. In order to get any of the above passports, the applicant is required to fill in the new Uganda passport application form G, attach all required documents and submit to the Directorate of citizenship and immigration control offices opposite Uganda police garage off Old Port bell road, or at any of their regional offices countrywide.

Also known as the official traveling document, applying for an e-Passport in Uganda is a process which involves a series of steps with each of them having different requirements. Some of the steps are completed online, others are completed offline while others require an intervention of a third party for example the person who acts as a recommender.

Types of passports in Uganda

  • Ordinary passports
  • Diplomatic passports
  • Official passports.

Ordinary e-Passport

This is a kind of traveling document which is issued to ordinary individuals. Such individuals may include citizens and aliens who quality including students, workers, business people and etc.

Diplomatic e-Passport

This is a kind of travelling document which is issued to government officials and other diplomats as recognized by the state.

Official e-Passport

Just like the name suggests, this is a kind of travel document which is issued to other officials like those in the permanent secretaries, the church leaders and etc.

Requirements to obtain a Ugandan passport

Previously, obtaining a passport in Uganda was something which required one to first go to the Internal Affairs ministry for a BRAF or payment slips, Obtain local council stamps, Giso and RDC stamps, etc,  but now, thanks top the New URA e-Tax and ePassport which made things a lot more easier.

So far it is possible to make a passport payment for example from anywhere and in any bank without the need for Brafs and the hectic local council stamps and etc. Take a look below for the lost of requirements as quoted directly from the immigration portal.

Requirements for new Uganda epassports
1. Dully filled Passport application form G
2. 3 Colored Passport size photographs with a white back ground.
3. Recommender must attach a copy of their National ID
4. Applicant must attach a copy of National ID or National Identification Number
5. Attach copies of academic documents for proof of profession(where applicable)
6. Attach proof of payment of prescribed fees
7. Attach a copy of birth certificate, adoption order consent letter from parents/guardians in case of minors
8. Attach any other information that may be relevant to the application
9. When the passport is ready, the applicant will be alerted to proceed and pick up their passport.
10. Attach bank payment receipt.

Requirements for renewal of Uganda passports
1. Fill in Passport Form G.
2. Recommendation letter from a Professional known to the applicant, e.g, a teacher, Doctor Lawyer, Civil Servant. The covering letter should be addressed to the Passport Control Officer; Ministry of Internal Affairs; Kampala
3. Recommender must attach a photocopy of his/her National ID and sign on it
4. Attach photocopies of the old passport, Pages 45 and 47.
5. In the event you are making any changes, change of profession, names due to marital status, you will be required to attach the relevant legal proof of changes.
6. Attach payment proof of associated fees

Requirements for lost Uganda passports
• Present dully the completed form G.
• Applicant should attach own and detailed written explanation addressed to the Passport Control Officer explaining circumstances under which loss of passport occurred.
• Complete Questionnaire form.
• Complete Affidavit in lieu of lost passport.
• Attach Police report confirming loss of passport.
• Attach 3 coloured passport size photos taken against a white background.
• Attach Copy of Identification documents.
• Where copy of lost passport is available please attach the same
• Attach payment receipt issued after payment from the bank.
• Obtain your new passport after ten working days.

Requirements for replacement damaged or mutilated Uganda passports
• Applicant should present to Passport Control Officer, written explanation for circumstances under which passport was damaged / mutilated.
• Obtain and fill Form G.
• Attach 3 colored passport size photos taken against a white background.
• Attach Copy of Identification documents.
• Present damaged passport.
Attach payment receipt issued after payment from the bank.
• Obtain your passport after ten working days.

Requirements for certification of passports
• Present 4 scanned copies of bio-data of passport to be certified.
• Attach Original passport for which certification is sought.
• Attach written request for certification addressed to the Passport Control Officer.
• Attach 2 passport size photos.
• Obtain bank payments forms for certification fees.
• Pay fees to the prescribed bank. The certification fee is UGX 30,000 (Uganda Shillings) per copy, Bank Charges exclusive.
• Attach bank return to application for certification.
• Present application for certification to Passport Supervisor in Room 9.
• Pick certified copies within two working days.

Requirements for change of passport names or particulars
• Present written explanation for change of names addressed to the Passport Control Officer.
• Attach Supportive documents i.e deed poll, marriage, certificate etc
• Attach a copy of the National ID with the name clearly appearing
• Complete and attach Passport Form G.
• Attach payment receipt issued after payment from the bank.
• The fee is UGX 250,000 (Uganda Shillings), Bank Charges exclusive for replacement of your passport.

Requirements for passport application for minors
• Obtain and fill Form G.
• Attach written consent letter from parents addressed to the Passport Control Officer.
• If child is adopted, attach adoption order from High Court of Uganda.
• Attach copy of child’s birth certificate.
• Attach copy of parent’s passport and National ID.
• Attach 4 colored passport size photos taken against a white background.
• Attach payment receipt issued after payment from the bank.
• Pick minor’s passport after ten working days.

Requirements for student passports
• Obtain and fill Form A and B including LC endorsement from area of residence or locality of study.
• Attach Covering letter addressed to the Passport Control Officer from institution of learning.
• Attach copy of school Identification.
• Attach 4 colored passport size photos taken against a white background.
• Recommender on form A should be either head, or lecturer or administrator in institution of learning.

Requirements for Temporary movement permits
Temporary Movement Permits are recognized travel documents intended to ease the cross border movement of border communities. TMPs may be obtained at all ports of Entry and Exit in Uganda.
Requirements for TMPS
• Letter from Local Council 1
• Two passport size photographs taken against white back ground
• Copy of valid Identification documents
• Pay a fee of UGX 10,000/=Uganda Shillings

Requirements for certificates of identity
Certificates of identity are issued to Ugandans and non Ugandans who cannot readily access Travel documents in emergency situations. Requirements for emergency travel documents
• Fill forms A and B
• Attach 2 passport size photos
• Attach covering letter from Area Lc 1
• In the case of applications by non nationals, applicant should justify why he/she doesn’t have or can’t obtain your national travel document
• Pay UGX 40,000 Uganda Shillings

Uganda passport fees 2020

  • UGX 250,000 for Ordinary Passports
  • UGX 150,000 as Express Service
  • UGX 400,000 for Official Passports
  • UGX 500,000 for Diplomatic Passports
  • UGX 2200 to UGX 3000 bank charges
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How to apply for a Uganda Passport?

Now that you have confirmed the type of passport you are applying for and the type, it is time to start on the process. The passport application process involved the following below steps.

  • Download passport application form G
  • Fill the entire form and sign.
  • Your recommender should also sign the form.
  • Make copies of relevant documents including ID or NIN.
  • Visit URA website and generate passport fees payment prn.
  • Pay the monies to the selected bank.
  • Attach all other documents and file them in a manila file.

Now you are ready to present your file together with your application to the passport application receiving officers at any of their offices across the country.

Upon verification of your details, you will be issued with a tracking number and also be informed when you passport will likely be ready. Most likely you will get a call notifying you about the availability of your travel document once issued.

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