Due To The Unique Circumstances Of The Case, PayPal Will Refund Your Buyer At No Cost To You. Your Account Will Not Be Debited

Selling on PayPal has never been easier to many more especially when it comes to Cases and Disputes. Every time you make a sale, two things come into your mind ie, you either keep the money and or refund the money to buyer in case he or she files a case in the resolution center.

And for the time I have been selling online and through PayPal as my payment processor, I have faced so many cases including those which involve charge backs for example when a buyer files a claim that the transaction was made onto his account with the approval.

Some buyers tell the truth while others will lie just to take whatever you sold to them free while making you enjoy the loss since at the end of the day, the buyer might end up winning the case. There is one thing I have liked about PayPal in one of the recent cases which the buyer filed against me – that He or She never got the Item and which was wrong according to me.

As usual, I followed my tips on how to ensure that I win the case – this I did by supplying PayPal with the necessary documents and files including screenshots. I was requested to provide this same information more than once by PayPal and which I did although my hope of winning the case decreased basing on the kind of information which was emailed to me.

Nevertheless, I did my work and I left it for PayPal to make a final decision. But guess what, this time round, I got an email from PayPal with the below;

We’ve decided Case ID #PP-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx

Dear Xxxxxxx Xxxxx,
We’ve completed our review and have decided in favor of your buyer. Due to the unique circumstances of the case, PayPal will refund your buyer at no cost to you. Your account will not be debited

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I am sure you can see something different. A case being decided in favor of the buyer while both of us getting refunds from the provider. The Unique thing in the case makes me wonder what it is since am even not so sure of it. This looks like PayPal employed both the seller and buyer protection and covered all costs.

Seen this as well? Feel free to share your thoughts on how this could happen and how the provider did it.

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