How To Reset Expired/Lost/Forgotten UBA Card Account Details/Password

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If you are a UBA – United Bank of Africa customer and one who uses the Instant Prepaid Visa/MasterCard debit card for your transactions, then you need to read this post. Yes, whether you have already gone through the account details recovery for your lost password and reset or not, you never know how things may be right now.

I am personally a Traveler who moves from time to time. And it so happens that every time I travel for a Tour or even a visitation, I tend to get a Prepaid Visa or Master Card which charges a bit less than my own home country Bank issued card.

And that is how I came to own the free Instant UBA Visa Debit card which made me get to know how to go about the entire account details resetting process after I had taken long without logging in and forgot my passwords.

How To Go About UBA Card Account Password Resetting

If you are looking for a way to reset your details, then you should follow the simple steps and procedures below. I personally followed them as was recommended directly after I called the United Bank of Africa customer service helpline and too I am sharing with you.

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1. Begin by walking in to your UBA Bank branch which issued your prepaid card and let them know what your problem may be for example having forgotten you password.

2. Make sure that you carry your debit-card and identifications with just like they are on your account since without, you wont be helped.

3. Let the customer care attendant know your current phone number and email address assuming that you changed any of them.

4. You will get a confirmation for the new password to your email after which you will be required to change it since its temporary and does expire.

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How To Reset Expired/Lost/Forgotten UBA Card Account Details/Password

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    1. It all depends on the coverage of the operations of your UBA card issuer. You can contact them and see if they do online help but am scared, you might be required to be present.

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