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  • salesforce and hipaa compliance certification

    Various Security Levels of Salesforce and HIPAA Compliance

    Salesforce is the favorite of business users lately as one of the most sophisticated and flexible CMS sales management platforms. The layered design makes data sharing easily and lets various types of users to set data exposure in a customized way. With this properly layered structure, the administrators can also allot data to the users […] More

  • 3 ways to start boda boda business in Uganda

    How To Start A Boda Boda Business In Uganda 2020

    You can easily start a boda boda business once you are ready to buy one, or get a boda-loan from any of the different providers. Being one of the lucrative ventures in Uganda, you are ready to start profiting right from day one of entering the boda industry. If you were wondering how you can […] More

  • salesforce

    Understanding Salesforce DX! It’s Role in Salesforce Management

    The use of technology for personal and professional uses is increasing on a large scale.People are using digital platforms for the majority of their activities such as shopping,entertainment,banking, etc. This is the reason why every business is trying to make its mark in the online market. The technology is however not just used to develop […] More

  • music industry marketing strategies

    How Digital Marketing Is Changing the Music Industry

    It is quite difficult today to imagine a person who does not use a computer and has never surfed the web. The majority of citizens, at least in big cities, actively use a variety of social networks. That is why, executive resume writers state that a carefully planned social media marketing strategy, the effectiveness of […] More

  • How Much Will I Pay to Replace a Bad AC Compressor?

    What Does A Home AC Compressor Replacement Cost Me?

    Has the compressor for your air conditioner gone out and you need to get it replaced? If so, continue reading to see how much you can expect to pay for a new one. Air conditioners are amazing, modern technological systems that enable us to keep our homes cool and comfortable. One of the most important […] More

  • Personalised Printing

    2020 Has Arrived: Here’s What the Printing Industry Needs to Know

    In today’s age of digital transformation, it’s not just big internet-based companies and telecommunication brands that are facing an evolution. The printing industry is transforming too, with new and improved ways to create crisp, refined images for clients around the world. While change in the printing sector might not happen as rapidly as it does […] More

  • Changes to loans on offer in UK

    Non Mortgage Loans Likely To Dip

    The Bank of England has announced that in a recent survey, a number of building societies and banks in the UK have expressed an intention of tightening up on non-mortgage loans and lending to households in the final quarter of 2014. In the same survey, it was revealed that the amount of unsecured credit available […] More

  • Uganda stock exchange market

    Best 8 Stocks To Buy in Uganda 2020

    Buy shares in Uganda companies: Whether you are an individual investor or institutional investor, having knowledge of what kind of stocks you should invest your money in is very vital since it helps you avoid making losses while at the same time maximizing your expected earnings at the end of it all. Picking stocks for […] More

  • address line 1 and 2

    How To Fill Uganda Address Line 1 2 And 3 With Examples

    Filling online forms which require ones address can sometimes be a hectic process more especially to those who aren’t well informed about the entire process. Working online has exposed me to such over the years, something which has helped me get to know how exactly it all works. In order tio fill such a form, […] More

  • in

    How Much Are Stamps Going Up To In 2020?

    For those who use Postal services more often, it is very important for you to note that several changes with regard to the cost of stamp (s) will be put in place in the next coming days while others may have already notices the changes in the price of postage. If you were asking yourself […] More

  • business cash flow management importance

    Business Cash Flow Management Importance

    A business’ success is not always accurate gauged by its profitability. In fact, a better way to assess whether a business is financially sound is to check its cash flow. So, let’s understand business cash flow a little better. What is Business Cash Flow? Business cash flow is the money that flows in and out […] More

  • License Of Exports In Uganda

    How To Get A License Of Exports In Uganda

    You can get a License of exports from Uganda once you apply for it. Depending on the type of products you wish to export out of the country for example industrial or agricultural products, you must follow the right procedures put in place by the issuing body for example Uganda Coffee Development Authority for Coffee […] More

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