Is CFD Trading Legal in Singapore?

CFD trading, also known as Contract for Difference trading, is a service offered by most Singapore online brokers which enable individuals to trade on global financial commodities – currencies, indices, shares – without buying the underlying product. This works because CFDs are derivatives based on the performance of an underlying asset. In other words, you […]

How To Pick A Supply Side Platform For Your Business

A supply-side platform is highly important when it comes to programmatic advertising. Conglomerates, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, have all implemented them to maximize revenue gained through their advertising channels. There are many reasons why this form of AdTech is predominant today, and we will go over those in a moment. But suffice to […]

Importance of Power of Attorney In Business

When an agent is appointed to make decisions and act upon on behalf of the principal within a legal framework, the formal documentation is known as a power of attorney. It can be helpful, especially to older people, to release the pressure upon them. What Is A Power Of Attorney In Business? Among the different […]

Are You Looking for a Crypto Trading Platform? Then, Choose the Best One Only!

Cryptocurrency trading is about dealing with the most volatile cryptocurrencies and making profits. You might be completely aware that you will face many complications in the trading world due to the fluctuations in the prices of every cryptocurrency in existence. However, when you are already dealing with fluctuations, why not deal with the cryptocurrency that […]

How Can Bitcoin Change Your life?

Of late, we have seen a good growth of Bitcoin. It has become popular in the past few years. The cost and value of Bitcoin have witnessed a significant rise in recent years. It has attracted both companies and individuals. People can now use Bitcoin for online shopping. They can even purchase precious metals like […]

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