[Solved] URA Vehicle Application Rejected? Approval Guide

Uganda_Revenue_Authority_URA_vehicle_application_approved This tutorial is about how to get any URA motor vehicle rejected application approved. Yes, no matter the kind of application you were processing for as long as it is something to deal with vehicles, motorcycles, engineering plants, and or any other for as long as it has a number plate, taking your time and going through this article might be very helpful to you. All you need is to read it all and have things done the best way you want.

Whether you were processing or applying for a Vehicle / Motor Cycle transfer, transition from the old logbook to the new logbook, making an alteration for the motor vehicle or motor cycle color, body chassis, drive hand, engine number change, classification, change of ownership, description, purpose, fuel and any other, this is the right tutorial article you are reading.

It so happens that many people or owners will have their applications rejected for one reason or another and which makes them feel stranded on what to do next. Yes, many share not knowing the exact cause of application rejection while others will not know until its too late just like Musa shared how he didn’t know that his URA vehicle transition from the old to new logbook had been rejected until police arrested him and requested for the logbook to have the car released. In order to avoid such instances, taking note, and following the below procedures will help you out, and instantly.

Steps to approve your rejected URA vehicle application

Check your email address for any notification notice from URA about your application status. And or, log onto your URA web portal account and go to messages. It so happens that on every rejection, the admin will always send you a reason for the decision and which you should correct and resubmit your application.

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Alternatively, using the Application reference number and the search code provided, visit the web portal and input them in corresponding fields. You should see the status of your application whether approved or rejected and you should see the reason.

Next step is to log into your account, go to applications, select continue with previous application, enter the reference number and correct all required details. Once you are done, you can resubmit again and wait for approval or rejection with a notice.

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