How To Disable / Enable / Turn On /Off International Assist / IDD Prefix On Windows, Lumia, Microsoft Mobile Phones

International Assist IDD Prefix Windows Lumia Microsoft While International Assist / IDD prefix on Windows mobiles, Lumia smartphones and on all other Microsoft operating system phones is very important, there are times when this very feature turns wild more especially when one using the phone doesn’t know much about it. It is for this reason as to why I am sharing with you complete guide and tutorial on how to enable, disable, turn on, turn off this automatic international assist when calling a number of choice.

It should be known that once this feature is turned on, an auto prefix will be added on each number being called for example, if you added a UK prefix which is +44, and happen to be calling a Ugandan, Kenyan, Tanzania, Indian, Nigerian or any other number where you are located for example mine which is 0752009001, the number will become +44752009001 and which is a wrong number basing on the fact that am in Uganda and thus my code being +256.

In order to avoid this happening, and or to activate or deactivate such a feature on your Microsoft, Windows mobile or Lumia regardless of the model, you should follow the following below procedures.

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1. Turn on your mobile and hit menu.
2. Scroll and tap settings.
3. Swipe to right under applications.
4. Tap Phone and take “International assist” to off or on.

Once you do this, you will either have successfully reactivated or activated the feature on your device. The entire process is very simple and easy to work on and you shouldn’t be worried or eve think of buying a new Microsoft Lumia unless you simply want to change.

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