Five Qualities Of A Perfect Energy Supplier

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
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You could say that the perfect energy supplier is simply the one that can give the buyer what they need, but there is much more than that. According to research, the total number of switches in 2018 is over four million (4,284,248) which is up by six percent at the same time in 2017.

Here we present the top five qualities that buyers want to find in the perfect supplier.

  1. Compliance with industry standards

Lately, buyers need to know that suppliers do not pose an extra risk to their organizations. The main way to ensure this is to certify that the provider is operating in a compatible manner. It is important to be aware of that the supplier you choose works in compliance with relevant industry standards, but all tend to focus on the same areas, such as making sure that suppliers are complying with hygiene and health standards, and possess a clear posture of corporate social responsibility.

Buyers tend to be particularly careful with smaller contractors, who demand compliance with the law, so it is vital for suppliers to demonstrate that they are at the forefront.

  1. Keep the information updated

Secondly, in the buyer’s eyes, a perfect supplier must always ensure that their records are up to date.

This refers to certificates of insurance, financial performance, health, and safety; environmental policies and training courses that have been completed. Businesses need to ensure that all information is adequate and has been regularly updated.

Not only is it beneficial for suppliers to stay true to their policies through certificates, but it also helps the buyer make better-informed decisions.

  1. Strive to improve constantly 

Demonstrating to buyers that your organization is committed to continual improvement by learning from the audit results and achieving better results from year to year, shows that your company is improving standards. It may not be perfect, but it will make sure you have a long-term action plan.

  1. Demonstrate innovation

Innovation is a key trend in the supply chain and buyers want this to be reflected in the suppliers they work with as it could be an advantage over their customers.

The supplier’s pre-qualification questionnaire should include a dedicated ‘supplier profile’ section where companies can display their credentials, giving them the ability to showcase their achievements or anything unusual they have been working on, both internally and externally.

Buyers want their suppliers to be competitive, to seek their benefits, while meeting standards, so it’s important for contractors to keep in mind that buyers will look for signs of innovation but at the same time they will be looking for suppliers that comply. These two factors must go hand in hand.

  1. Have a proactive attitude

Last but not least, the perfect provider must be proactive.

Joining an organization should demonstrate to buyers that suppliers are serious about meeting buyer and industry requirements. However, joining is not enough. Remember to engage with your clients outside of the organizational platform, either with your marketing team or the person responsible for sales, to promote the performance of your company. This can be done on your company’s website, social networks, exhibitions and email signatures, be as creative as you want.

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Five Qualities Of A Perfect Energy Supplier

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