Fix For “Error While Retrieving Information From Server” While Attempting To Download Apps From Google Play Store

Error while retrieving information from server This is a solution guide on how to fix Error while retrieving information from server, a common error which occurs when one attempts to download an application from Google Play Store. And yes, this error does occur abruptly and can happen regardless of what application one is trying to download from the play store for example Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Imo, Instagram and many others.

This Error while retrieving information from server problem too has codes for example RPC: S-3: AEC-0, RPC: S-7: AEC-0, RPC:S-5:AEC-0, RPC:S-2:AEC-2, RPC:S-1: AEC-0,RPC:S-4: AEC-0, RPC:S-6: AEC-0, RPC:S-8: AEC-0, RPC:S-9: AEC-0 and very many others which will all fail you to download that application of your choice from the trusted Google play store.

If you have been wondering how you can go about solving it, and or completely getting rid of this Error while retrieving information from server while using Google play store, then that is the one reason you should go on and read this post in full as it contains the tested solution which has been proven to fix the problem.

How to fix Error while retrieving information from server

1. Begin by loading your mobile device, go to settings and then to applications or to manage applications.
2. Browse through and look out for Google Play Store, Google play services and Gmail (one by one while doing step 3 below).
3. Click on the application say Google Play services and wait for options to load.
4. Click on clear cache, and clear data. You should see your application details being recomputed again.
5. Now reboot your device and try again.

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Just on case it fails and the same problem of Error while retrieving information from server occurs again, go to settings, accounts and delete the current Google account. Reboot your device and re-enter your account information again. Try to load Google play store and download. If it fails, then use a different account while going through all the above steps one by one once again.

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