Free Nextplus Credits – How To Earn, Call & Text Unlimited

Free Nextplus Credits Are you looking out for Free Nextplus credits? Do you want to text and sms unlimited? Or you simply want to call all of your loved ones, friends and family freely using your smartphone application? Regardless of whatever you may be looking out for as long as its about Next Plus, this post will help you to find out the ways to get free calling and texting credits, and how it all works.

Getting Free Nextplus credits is an easy task for as long as you follow the simple procedures here in this post. And yes, leave alone buying them, this tutorial is about how to get or grab your 100% free credits. Nextplus is a smartphone application which anyone can download and install on his mobile phone.

This application gives you access to a free United States phone number, and which can be used to make calls, recieve calls and send / receive sms text messages. The apps outgoing features require one to have credits onto the application since those credits are used to when doing certain things eg making a call to a non Nextplus or Textplus user. Find the different ways on how to get your free Nextplus credits.

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How to get Free Nextplus credits for your app

1. Log into your Nextplus application and go to settings.
2. Scroll, tap on Earn free Credits and wait for pop up.
3. Select your choice of alternative either to watch videos or complete offers.

Follow prompts per your choice to get your free credits. For example, if you chose watching videos, you will see a number of them with instructions on what to do to grab your free credit. If you select completing an offer, simply select the offer or offers of your choice, follow completing guide eg install if its what is required and get your callingcredits.

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  1. how does one make free calls from Indonesia to a US
    landline or Cell phone – a person without the Next + application?

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