Get 100% Free Domain Names For Students

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Get Free Domain Names For Students

If you have been search for free domain name registration for students, you must be lucky. Yes you are since this post will help you get to know how and where you can get a 100% free domain name as a student no matter which country you are from. Take aside those other provider who will promise to offer you the same and don’t deliver for one reason or another, here you will.

Owning a domain name whether free or paid is a step towards a goal achievement. That is why many businesses both locally and international own domain names, since they help them g Global and thus increasing on their customers base. The same will happen to you as a student since that small thing or business you just started will be going Global the moment you get yourself a free domain name.

No matter where you are and who you are, Namecheap is giving you a free domain name for as long as you are a university student. This free bundle will make you a proud owner of a domain name but will as well help you kickstart your online presence and allowing you achieve your dream.

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Additionally, Namecheap folks will be giving you a bonus of either hosting your Websites and projects on GitHub, or an Exposure which gives you a beautiful website for your photo stories or Ghost, a A publishing platform for building and running a modern online publication.

How to get your Free students domain name

Getting started and grabbing your 100% free student domain name is pretty simple and easy. You simply need to do the following below;

  • Point your web browser to
  • Type in your preferred domain name and click Find.
  • Click Add to Cart from results.
  • Click Complete Order.
  • Chose your Free option.
  • Enter your preferred email.
  • Click Finish setup.

Follow all other procedures and you are done. You will get a notification of free student domain name within the next coming minutes if not hours. That is all!

Get 100% Free Domain Names For Students

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