How To Get A DVLA Driving License In Ghana

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DVLA Drivers License Ghana

This is a tutorial on how to obtain, apply and get a DVLA driving license in Ghana. Like we all know, it is against the laws of the different countries to drive a vehicle without a valid document allowing you to use the road as a driver. This means that unless one acquires a permit, he or she acquires such legal document, chances are that you will be arrested and fined or imprisoned or even both.

That is why before thinking of starting to drive, you need to have processed the required documents, and a reason you need to know exactly how to get a DVLA driving license in Ghana. In this post, you will know many related including how to get the learners permit, how to get a new (full permit), and how to renew just in case you have one and it is expired, how to get a conversion, how to replace a lost one, upgrading from one class to another and etc.

How to get a learners permit in Ghana

A learners permit is mandatory for anyone who wish to acquire a new driving permit. It is used to prepare you throughout the entire training process. In order to get one, you need to visit the DVLA office, get the forms, fill them correctly, pay any fees if any and present them back. You should note that all applicants should be 18+ years and sound. You will then be issued with a learners license which is valid for 3 months after which you will be able to apply for a full permit.

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How to get a full Driving license in Ghana

At this stage, you should have completed the eye test, forms 1 and f, highway code, learners driver syllabus, license booklet and written test. You will be subjected to a DVLA instructor drivers test after which after successfully passing it, you will be issued with a cover note which should be returned to the authority at the prescribed dates. You other information including photographs will be taken and all required fees you need to pay cleared. You should then wait for your New permit to be issued.

Alternatively, you can apply online via the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) web portal Here, you are required to register an account and apply. The entire process is very simple and easy as it is self help during the application process.

How To Get A DVLA Driving License In Ghana

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