How To Get A URA Learners Driving Permit

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 URA Learners Driving Permit

A learners driving Permit is the first step required to be undergone by anyone who wishes to drive, since it opens you to the world of driving. And as per the Ugandan laws, a learners drivers license holder is required to drive under supervision of the instructor who is supposed to be seated in the co-drivers seat, with the same vehicle or car bearing the “L” number plate, in addition to the usual car plates.

This learners permit allows someone to get on the road while in a being-tutored mode. Being-tutored mode is when one is learning to drive so as to be ready to qualify for a full driving permit. Uganda revenue authority takes on the payment handling while Face Technologies with their head office in Kyambogo takes on the task of issuing of these drivers licenses and permits including the learners or provisional permit as many know it.

In order to get the provisional or learner driving permit through Face Technologies and URA, the below steps should be followed, and of course, they are a must to be completed by everyone.

1. You will need to generate a Payment Registration Number (PRN) on the URA web portal.
2. You will need to pay your PRN to the bank of your choice.
3. You will need to get download the medical form, take it to the hospital for filling and signing.
4. You will need to attach all of the above and head on to Face Technologies Kyambogo.

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Once you reach Kyambogo Face technologies, you will have to submit all of your documents to the first counter, sit and wait for them to be validated. After successful validation, you will hear your name called for, and you will be told which room to head on, and follow what you are told.

You will be scanned and your signature taken, after which you will be told which counter to head on and pay for your learners or provisional driving permit. Of course, you will be given your Learners permit bearing your Photo and which should be used on the next step. Wondering on how to go about all of the above, you can seek my personal help through 0752009001..

How To Get A URA Learners Driving Permit

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