Graduation Photos Went Viral, They Had No Idea Until This Happened

Last Updated on January 21, 2023 by KWS Adams
Graduation Photos Went Viral

When the graduation photos went viral on social media, those in the picture had no idea why. They only got to know after discovering the unusual thing they never expected.

On 11 June, over 2394 students were conferred with Ph.D., degrees, and diplomas by Prof. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo, the Vice-chancellor of Kampala International University (KIU).

Kampala International University 25th Graduation Ceremony

This was another graduation ceremony that happened in Uganda following one of Makerere University that happened in May.

Taking a close look at the different graduation events, one is able to tell why University graduation ceremonies in Uganda currently are totally different from how they used to be in the past.

Yes, graduations have turned into fashion shows, thus attracting viewership, especially from social media. With graduates owning accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc, you have the answer already.

Take a look at the fashion show turned graduation photos below

Graduation photo1
Graduation photo2
Graduation photo3
Graduation photo3
Graduation photo5
Graduation photo6
Graduation photo7


You’ve seen everything yourself. You are able to tell why Ugandan university graduation ceremonies have turned into fashion shows. The rest is up to you. Just in case you missed how to easily spot a cheating partner, follow and read.

Graduation Photos Went Viral, They Had No Idea Until This Happened

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