Suspended Vs Deactivated Twitter Account: 8 Facts You Should Know

Suspended Vs Deactivated Twitter Account

Telling whether a Twitter user account has been forcefully suspended for violation, or self-deactivated by the account holder seems confusing to many social media users. Many have ended up mixing the two, while others have ended up reporting something different compared to what exactly happened.

If you really want to report the exact as opposed to what you think on whether a Twitter account has been forcefully deactivated due to violations or self-deactivated by the individual owner, here are  8 facts you should know.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking website that allows users to create an account and post tweets. This social networking website was founded on March 21, 2006, by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. As of Q4 2021; it had up to 217 million monetizable users according to Wikipedia.

How to create a Twitter account?

Creating a Twitter account is a very easy process. By downloading their mobile application from Google Play Store (Android), or App Store (Apple devices), or pointing your web browser to their website, you are ready to sign up for a new account free of charge. Follow these simple steps to create a Twitter account in a few seconds.

  • Download by visiting
  • Launch the application
  • Tap sign up for an account
  • Enter required information including email, phone number, names, etc
  • Verify your account by entering text code sent to phone or email

That is all. You are ready to start tweeting. You can also complete setting up your account by adding a profile photo/picture, entering your biodata, and customizing everything else the way you want.

What is allowed and not accepted to post on Twitter?

Like all other services including applications, Twitter has a set of operating rules and terms that clearly specify what a user is allowed and not allowed to tweet/post about. Twitter’s Terms of Service page covers everything about their service including; Who May Use the Services, Privacy, Content on the Services, Using the Services, Disclaimers, Limitations of Liability, and General service usage. It is recommended for anyone to read and understand those terms before deciding to join by creating an account.

What is Twitter account Deactivation?

Twitter account deactivation refers to individually stopping the use of the service by terminating your account from within settings. Unlike account suspension which is done by Twitter, account deactivation is done by the account owner/user.

Why is my Twitter account suspended?

Twitter account suspended @kakwenzarukira

A Twitter account can be suspended for one or more reasons including operating agreement and terms of service violation. For example, Twitter does not allow discrimination, hate, and related tweets. If a user repeatedly posts about the same, that can be a reason for Twitter to suspend such an account involved in those violations. Therefore, a Twitter account can be suspended if a user violates the terms of services as required by Twitter from time to time.

How do I know if my Twitter account is permanently suspended?

When a Twitter account is suspended, a suspension mark is attached to the affected handle/username. This is intended for all others to identify that the account they have been looking for is suspended for violation of terms. However, Twitter offers room for account suspension appeals just in case the affected users feel or think that this was done wrongly. And for deactivated accounts, the “This account doesn’t exist” mark is attached to the affected account.

What hat happens to a permanently suspended Twitter account?

When a Twitter account is permanently suspended, all tweets including videos, images, text, etc are deleted. A user can no longer access such an account now or in the future unless otherwise. Permanent suspension means that all efforts to appeal and have the affected account reinstated have failed.

How to Deactivate a Twitter Account?

Twitter account deactivated @mkainerugaba
  • Launch Twitter application
  • Tap Settings and Privacy
  • Tap Deactivate account and read associated information
  • Tap Deactivate and enter account Password
  • Confirm by tapping YES, deactivate

Can I restore a deactivated or suspended account?

You can only restore a deactivated Twitter account by logging in back to your account using the same credentials. However, this can only be done within 30 days of account deactivation. If by any chance you decide to do so after 30 days, you will not be able to have your account back.


The process of creating a Twitter account and keeping it alive for the time of choice is something easy. The same applies to preventing account suspension which is possible by avoiding restricted acts as outlined in the Twitter TOS. In any case one wants to change the username, this can be done by following the procedures of username change available under settings. You violate the terms, you have your account suspended.

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