How to Make $100 Daily Money On Facebook in Uganda 2023

Make $100 Daily On Facebook

Want to make $100 daily on Facebook in Uganda, this article contains what I do and how exactly I do it to earn that. With 2023 being a Covid-19 effects recovery year where many of us would want to bridge that gap and make it happen once again in order to reach target goals, understanding how these method works are a great gift you wouldn’t want to miss.

Best for beginners and all other levels of making money while working at home, if done properly you can make really easy money and earn up to $100 every day from Facebook and free. I started testing the method during the Second Coronavirus lockdown and by the end of 2021, the results were pretty good considering the fact that I barely invested in anything more apart from a few hours off my monthly time and internet – and earned close to $2000 in total profit without any investment.

Counting on the results so far, I thought it would be a great 2023 gift from me to you if I shared this with all of you in Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, India, etc who have been sending me emails on how I make it. And if you are reading this, you are lucky. In fact, count yourself already earning using the below method.

Requirements to make $100 daily on Facebook

  • Reddit account
  • Join Subreddits for common problem
  • Facebook account
  • Facebook group as Admin
  • Email marketing service
  • Affiliate platform
  • Bank account, PayPal, or Payoneer

If you have all of the above, you are good to go. But let me explain further how you can use the above requirements to make $100 daily on Facebook and for free.

How to make $100 daily on Facebook in Uganda

Open up a Reddit account

I assume we all know Reddit, and what it does when it comes to sending targeted traffic to anything including Facebook groups. Your Reddit account will give you access to a number of subreddits where you will be able to join those of your interest depending on your target niche. Creating a Reddit account is completely free and so to the smartphone app. Once you have an account ready, head on to the next step.

Join subreddits targeting common problem

Depending on the niche you are targeting, you should only join those subreddits focusing on your niche, and mostly those whose members share common or related problems. By this, I am meaning subreddits whose members are there to share similar problems, causes, interests, issues, while others are looking for solutions to the above. For example, r/CancerFamilySupport – “a safe and supportive place to share your concerns, fears, frustrations, stories about dealing with your own or a loved one’s cancer”.

Create a Facebook account

Since this DIY is about making money from Facebook or using Facebook as a medium to earn $100 every day, I assume you already have a Facebook account. But in case you don’t, head on to and register your account for free. All you need is an active email address and a phone number since you will be required to verify your account.

Create a Facebook group and retain Admin privileges

You read well, you will need to create a Facebook group and be an admin. I know you are wondering why you have to do this not so? Many have asked me already and my answer remains, you need a new Facebook group purposely for that. Whether you have others already or are a member of other groups, you need to create a new one. Since we are targeting a specific niche, it would be good to start a group from scratch just for that.

Depending on the niche you choose for example the r/CancerFamilySupport in Reddit, creating a Cancer-related group will help you achieve faster. Once you have created the Facebook group, you can browse for other groups related to yours and invite members to join. You can also send invites to your friends to join so that your target audience don’t will also be attracted once you reach that stage.

Important: Customize your Facebook group so that every member who wishes to join, or sends a join request leaves their email address and anything else. The info by members will help you when you reach the level where you need them.

Share your Facebook group in the Subreddits you joined

Think of something you can customize well and share introducing your Facebook group to the Subreddits you joined. Remember, the target is getting those members who share a common problem to join your Facebook. You can share something like “Hey guys, there is this Facebook group especially for us who suffer, or have their loved ones suffer from Cancer. The group’s goal is to share tips and tricks that work for each other in addition to spreading awareness. I hope you all join since it’s 100%”.

Join an email marketing service

Since you will be collecting email addresses from your target people, having an email marketing service will allow you to be able to send daily, weekly, monthly, etc email blasts depending on the goal. You can go for Mailchimp since they have a free plan or any other provider depending on your choice. Create your account and get set to import emails as members join your Facebook group.

Join an affiliate program

There are lots of affiliate programs that allow you to share your promotions in email. Clickbank is one of those you can join and look for products matching your Facebook group audience interests. Since you are targeting people of the same interest, sharing related products will earn you more since people will be willing to buy in order to have their problems solved. Sending email blasts with your affiliate products from time to time will allow you to make sales thereby earning even more.

Open a bank account, PayPal, or Payoneer

A bank account is required for your payment processing. Depending on the affiliate program you join, you may be required to own a PayPal account, Bank account, or even Payoneer as your payment processing. PayPal is free to create an account, and so to Payoneer. Since most affiliate programs are US-based, they tend to require a US bank account, which Payoneer gives you access to.

Share affiliate products and earn unlimited

Now that you have set everything, you can export your email list from your Facebook group members to your email marketing service and start sending newsletters or email blasts containing the affiliate products you are promoting. Every time a person buys a particular product courtesy of your affiliate product link, you earn a commission. Just imagine if you promote a link that earns $50 per sale and you sell only 3 products a day or 30 products a month? Do you know how much you will be making? Over to you


Making $100 every day from Facebook as a link is very simple if you follow the above instructions. While I can’t guarantee that you will earn $100 daily immediately you start, chances are that as you spend more time doing the above, you will be able to earn even more thus improving your overall income.

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