Verify PayPal Account 2021

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Verify PayPal account
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With PayPal being one of the biggest online money transfer service provider operating across the different countries, the need to have a Verified PayPal account in 2020 is very Vital. Yes, a verified PayPal account lifts the limits which are enforced on unverified accounts and thus allowing the user enjoy much more benefits associated.

The other day, I stumbled a discussion on one forum where many people from the different countries shared how it was uneasy for them to have their PayPal accounts verified in 2020. And unlike many who are unaware of the ease when it comes to verifying a PayPal account, I personally have tried so many ways and which I have decided to share with you.

If you really need to verify your PayPal account in 2020, this guide is for you. And if you already have a verified account, good for you, but still, the options available in this post might be very helpful for you. All you need is to continue ready.

How do you create a PayPal account?

Getting started with PayPal is very easy. You simply need to point your PC web browser or even your phone browser to Once you are on site, do the following below.

  • Click signup.
  • Enter all details and hit next.
  • Complete sign up and you will be logged in.
  • Check your email and click on Email verification link.

How to get the PayPal account verification card?

Now that you have your PayPal account ready, the next step is verifying your account so you lift the limits and enjoy the benefits. Below are the different alternative options for verifying your PayPal account in 2020.

Preferred choice – When you check link, you find find it as an eBook. But, it’s an eBook with the up more than 5 working options which will help you get Virtual credit cards and plastic cards you can use verify your PayPal account 2020. In fact, I just tested one of the options above and created myself a working Visa virtual credit card which I have already linked to one of the popular stores.

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UBA prepaid Visa card – United bank of Africa issues instant prepaid cards which can be used to verify PayPal account 2020. You simply need to provide your National ID card, a recent passport photo, your email, contact address and phone number. You will be issued with a card which you will use to verify your PayPal.

Payoneer card – While it is no longer possible to link Payoneer bank account with PayPal, fact is that you can still use your Payoneer card to verify your PayPal account. Oh, if you are already into online business and have some sources of online income, you will get a Payoneer card in a few weeks from the time of signing up and then use it to verify PayPal.

How to verify PayPal account 2020?

  • Log into your created account
  • Click on Add Card
  • Enter the details as they are on your Card. PayPal will debit your card and depending on who offered you the card, you will be able to see the PPCODE on the transaction shown on your card statement.
  • Enter it as required, you are a verified PayPal account 2020 holder.

Now that you have the real plastic card or virtual vcc card, the next thing is to verify your PayPal account by following the simple procedures above. If you were verifying PayPal Uganda account, simply acquire a UBA card and link it following the same procedure. You will be ready to make secure payments online and instantly.

Verify PayPal Account 2021

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