[SOLVED] ATM PIN Code Tries Exceeded, Your Card Has Been Captured

Wondering what happens when you attempt to withdraw cash from the Auto teller machine and you get a response of ATM PIN Code tries exceeded, your card has been captured? Oh yeah, I went through the same experience and I am sharing with you the solution which helped me recover my captured ATM Card. And yes, this is not a hack or trick but rather, a legitimate way you can get your card back from where it was captured.

This ATM PIN Code tries exceeded, your card has been captured is very common, and not every time it pops up, your card is captured. Over the weekend, I was trying to get some extra cash to take me through the whole weekend and using my Banks issued ATM card but immediately the cash came out, that same error showed up and I was like wow, what is happening. This error amazed me for reason being that my ATM card was already out of the teller, and the cash too was out.

In fact, I had to fear nothing. This is my special case but just in case your is taken away without being returned – I mean being captured, the reading this below will help you find what to do in such a situation, and how to go about collecting your card.

And regardless of whether you are a SBI, HDFC, BPI, PNB, ICICI, AXIS, STANBIC, CENTENARY, EQUITY, STANDARD CHARTERED, DIAMOND TRUST, DTB, DFCU, SUNCORP, FINANCE TRUST, HOUSING FINANCE, OPPORTUNITY or any other bank, the solution is the same and all you need is to follow what I am recommending below. This applies to whether you are in India, US, Canada, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and all other world countries.

1. The very first thing you need to do is to call your bank using their customer care number or numbers which are usually toll free, and let them know about your card being held. You can always find those helpline numbers in the same ATM teller machines and or, on your bank websites. This works assuming where the ATM location is has no bank branch.

2. Assuming this happened at the Auto teller machine where there is bank branch, the solution is simple. Walk in to your bank and let them know of this. You may need to provide information about yourself and your bank ATM card will be given to you back.

I am sure you now know what to do just in case you encounter the ATM PIN Code tries exceeded, your card has been captured error. Please note that this is no solution for ATM card blocked. You can always consult your bank on what to do, and please, never share any of your banking information to anyone else besides you yourself as a precaution.

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