How To Get A UBA Bank Instant Prepaid Visa Debit Card

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Prepaid UBA Visa Mastercard

You can get a UBA Debit MasterCard or Prepaid Debit Card from any of the nearest bank branches across the country once you open up an account and request the card. Since the card is linked to your bank account, making any type of transaction becomes much easier since you are able to spend what is credited onto your account.

Whether you have a prepaid debit VISA or MasterCard, you are able to spend what you credit on the linked account using your card and the process involves nothing like Credit checks. Whether you have bad credit, are a traveler, or are a teenager, UBA’s Visa and MasterCard are the best options for you.

About UBA Bank

Also known as the United Bank of Africa, it is one of the largest financial institutions and service providers in Sub-Saharan Africa with its origin being in Nigeria. According to Wikipedia, the United Bank of Africa offers financial-related services to more than 7 million customers across their 750 branches.

UBA Bank branches

The bank has branches in Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Mozambique, Mali, Liberia, Kenya, Guinea, Ghana, Gabon, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo Kinshasa, Congo Brazzaville, Chad, Cameroon S.A, Burkina Faso, Benin, and in France, Capital Europe, United Kingdom, and New York as a representative office.

United Bank of Africa offerS Prepaid Visa debit and MasterCards which can be used to shop online, to pay, to transfer funds on other cards, and many other features at the best fees, similar to what other debit cards work for example verifying PayPal account.

UBA Bank Card services and fees



Getting a new cardUGX 10,000
Replacing a lost, damaged or expired cardUGX 15,000
Monthly service chargeFree
Cash withdrawal on ATMs at any UBA branchUGX 700
Cash withdrawal on ATMs abroad*UGX 7,000, + 2%
Purchases made on POS and on local websites in NigeriaFree
Purchases made on POS abroad and on foreign websites*3% *Applicable fees for international ATM, POS and WEB transactions are subject to market changes

Note: The above charges are quoted into Uganda shillings.

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Requirements For Opening A UBA Bank Account

  • A Bank statement from your current banker.
  • Passport Photographs which are current
  • The initial deposit fees (activation fees).
  • Any other documents required.

Note: Some of the above requirements may not apply depending on where you are located.

How to get UBA Instant VISA / MasterCard

  • Open up a bank account by visiting the nearest branch and submitting in the above requirements.
  • You will be given forms to fill and attach all relevant documents including a recognized form of identification for example a Passport, Drivers License, National Identity Card and others like your current passport sized photos
  • Fill in the forms as required and submit them at the same point for verification.
  • Upon approval, you will be given an account number for your prepaid card of which you will need to deposit a fee required whilst your card is being processed.
  • Your card will be handed to you instantly or as told by the bank staff.

You are done. The next step will be activating your card for online/pos services once it has been issued to you. This you will do by following the simple instructions below.

Activating your card

UBA portal login
  • Visit
  • Enter given Username / customer ID and passcode
  • Complete the online process.

That is all. You are done. Your UBA bank prepaid instant VISA or MasterCard will be successfully activated, and you will be ready to start transacting, for example, you will be able to link your card to a PayPal account and buy an amazon gift card. Also, logging into the portal will allow you to check all of your transactions. However, you should stay watch of the ongoing scams where many share having fallen victims to Senegal’s fraud.

How To Get A UBA Bank Instant Prepaid Visa Debit Card

58 thoughts on “How To Get A UBA Bank Instant Prepaid Visa Debit Card

  1. I pay uba employee my debit Visa atm card DHL posting fees I have number uba employee contact number in senegal this employee good not scamar

    1. Internet is full of scams. If you didn’t go to the bank yourself, then you might have been scammed. But, how did you come to trust someone you didn’t know

      1. I trust my friend ok now my friend left in Netherland all my document hand over uba employee my friend very honest OK my friend work in nasa usa but my friend hand over all my document uba employee this person deley my debit Visa atm my account my debit Visa atm card really ready i pay DHL posting fees

        1. It’s sad you seem not want to accept that this may have been a scam. Let me advise you. Kindly get in touch with UBA bank and tell them your story and how it all went. May be they will advise you accordingly

      1. Yes I can any inquiry and more details I ask my friend no problem I check here my debit Visa atm card validation good

        1. If your card is good. Then better use it the way you want. It’s sad I am not a UBA employee and nor do I know how you got connected to your friend. One thing I know is that the internet is full of scam. Let me hope that friend of yours you knew him before he gave you the card deal. Very many people have been scammed in the same way. Kindly contact UBA bank support.

  2. Now my friend left in Netherland before 3 months
    My account open 29/04/2021all document hand over uba employee ok now problem for what DHL office need affidavit document before tell me your account is ready and you sent me $470 us dollar I pay DHL posting fees now need processing for affidavit in document court need one person $850 US dollars ok please you can my help

  3. Hallo sir my account is United bank for africa plc Dakar senegal my account holder name
    Anwar Ali mohiddin khan
    I all ready paid dhl posting fees $470 us dollars but not receive my debit Visa atm card why now my all document in uba bank have my hand

      1. My account open their my friend ok
        My bank name
        United bank for africa plc Dakar senegal branch
        I have copy my debit Visa atm card
        Front and back
        I have copy application form debit Visa atm card
        I have copy deposit slip
        I have my account number in uba bank
        But I’m Indian so south africa very far

  4. Hallo sir I’m uba costmar I all ready pay my debit Visa atm card DHL fees I not receive last two months ago my debit Visa atm card now I what can I do I pay $470 us dollar my debit Visa atm card posting fees I think this scamar frouding

      1. Hallo I’m Anwar Ali mohiddin khan from India i pay my debit Visa atm card posting fees $470 us dollar I have my debit Visa atm card copy and I have copy of deposit slip and application form debit Visa atm card ok i have account number United bank for africa plc Dakar senegal OK I all ready pay DHL posting charge why delay my debit Visa atm card please I need all information about my bank account I’m very tired about this matter please solve you need I come south africa I come to you

    1. I have my debit Visa atm card copy
      I have deposite slip copy I need active my debit Visa atm card

  5. Those emails are not from UBA, but rather from scammers.

    Because even in the address, the name is written as United Bank of Africa. UBA is not United Bank of Africa, but United Bank for Africa

  6. I want to check if my ATM card account balances I don’t have account number only card details

  7. Hi sir I also find mail in my inbox from uba bank for $300000 us dollar in my ATM VISA card that is true or fake please guide me for this type of problem . Bank atm visa department say me to send $410 us dollar as posting fee si please guide me it is true or fake .

  8. helloo i want to know is this true or scam
    Attention sir

    UBA Bank
    12:47 PM (2 hours ago)
    to me

    Headquarter: Dakar Senegal Africa
    Key Person: Dr. Joseph Ediwan
    Head Office: Route des almadies zone 12- lot D BP 11476 Dakar Peytavin, Senegal
    Phone: +221 777319433
    Postal/ zip code: BP 11045 Dakar
    Date: 01 – 23 – 2018

    Attention sir
    I have been directed by the director of Operation/Wire Transfer to write you in respect to the mail we received in our bank by you concerns your visa card. I went to courier services this morning in other to post your ATM card to your Address, but the post officer said that it have a price to send the ATM card for security reason’s, They said that it will cost the sum ( $190 US Dollar) before your visa card can be posted directly to your address in your country

    Meanwhile i advise you to cooperate with the fee immediately so i can go back to their office once i receive the sum amount from you letter today and post your visa card so you can receive it and start withdrawing funds left for you by your friend,

    Kindly use this below address to transfer the fee so via western union or money gram transfer.


    Receiver name: Joseph Ediwan
    Country: SENEGAL
    City: Dakar,
    ( $ 190 US Dollar)

    Thanks: Dr. Joseph Ediwan

    In respect of the UBA Bank.

  9. I m a Pakistani citizen want to know , weather any mony may can b brought to Pakistan ,r can sent via any diplomat assignment , by embassy , on my door step paying custom duty

  10. Hi.
    The UBA Bank want to send me a Atm card. He ask me to pay $250 for the delivery to Malaysia to my door step. What shall I do. Please advise.

    1. Kayo, the answer is YES. You can verify your PayPal account using UBA bank card and instantly. The PPCODE or verification code is accessed when you log onto your online account of the card.

      1. I would like to get a visa debit card, not a prepaid Visa Debit card though. Which banks do you think are the best in Uganda?

        1. DFCU, DTB, Stanbic and many others. A debit card will simply use the money on your linked bank account. On a prepaid, what you load is what you are supposed to spend.

  11. I have received a visa card from uba bank benin,they asked me to pay activation fees,then change euros to zambian this real or scam

  12. Hello I received an email telling me I had 5 million on an UBA prepaid card and they gave me all the information to log in and see it. It does say it is in my name and there is 5 million in the account but when I try to transfer funds it says I have to apply for a card. The email stated that it would cost me $1,250 to have it sent to me. I see you can apply online but I don’t want to give out to much information before I verify this so does anyone know how I can verify

    1. It is sad that its only you who have the information you want others help you verify and which is impossible. Your concern raises many questions. How did the email sender know that it was you? How did it all happen? Who put the money for you? And so forth. It will be better to Contact UBA bank branch near you so you can verify.

      1. Sorry i asked you to help needless to say you are not helpful at all. Why bother telling people to ask for help when you want to give none. Shame on you

        1. You are so rude. Nevertheless, I am not a UBA bank staff and which means that I can’t help in telling whether the email you got is genuine or not. Like I said, visiting the UBA bank branch nearer to you will be helpful. Besides, you did share the email of the sender. How do you expect someone to say that its valid or not? Check this post and confirm if some of the contents of the email are like what many others have gotten in the ongoing scam..

  13. hello I would want to open up an account in UBA bank of Uganda but also acquire a visa prepaid card in the process would it be possible,besides what’s the initial amount of opening up an account (savings) in UBA bank of uganda

  14. I am a Liberian based in the United States of America and I am interested in a visa card that I can use as I come to Liberia. Is it possible for me to get a visa card from your bank and to which bank or banks are you affiliating with in the United States of America where I can go to?

  15. please l would to know if you have ever had a card under the names a teacher in wakiso town council. I will be so grateful for the response.

  16. How true is this

    Address : Dakar, Route des Almadies, Zone 12 lot D
    Tel: (+221) 768417085

    Fax :(+221) 33 359 60 10


    For Your Kind Attention.
    Be informed, I have received your information’s and i have made contacts to the D.H.L courier service office to send your ATM Visa Card and i was told that it will cost $300 dollar to send your ATM Visa Card directly to your door step there in your country.However, It is very important that you send me the $300 dollar as soon as possible to enable me pay your D.H.L delivery fee. Once you send me the D.H.L delivery fee your ATM Visa Card will be delivered to your door step there in your country in 2 days. Note, that your ATM Visa Card daily withdrawal limit is $10,000 U.S.D (Ten Thousand United States Dollars ) each day. Meanwhile, it is very important that you go to any Western Union Money Transfer Office or any Money Gram office close to you and send me the $300 dollar with my information below.


    NAME……………………………………………… LEO THADDEUS
    CITY ……………………………………………….DAKAR
    COUNTRY …………………………………… SENEGAL
    TEST QUESTION…………………………OK
    ANSWER ……………………………………OK
    AMOUNT …………………………………..$300 dollars




    General manager : Mr. Leo Thaddeus
    Deputy General Manager : Mrs. Grace Anthony
    United Bank of Africa®

    1. This to me looks scam besides the fact that it is signed with uba link. I would suggest that you contact uba bank directly and inquire if this is legitimate. I really wonder why you at asked to send money through such a way. Please don’t fall victim, inquire before that….

    2. .

      On Fri, Feb 15, 2019, 15:49 Maryann raffi wrote:
      Hello my dear,
      How are you once again , i hope you remember me? i am Maryann, I’m very much glad to inform you about my success in getting Recovering my money the cooperation of a new partner from SENEGAL.

      Presently we are in for some investment.So I am very happy that finally I get the box delivered and i have moved to Senegal and have my own percentage of the money and give my new partner his own share percentage of the money in the Bank. me and my new partner will be traveling to London tomorrow evening to establish some projects in London and also getting married with my new partner. i am happy inform you about this good news.
      Meanwhile, I didn’t forget your past efforts despite that it failed us some how.I left an ATM VISA CARD that contains $300,000, (Three Hundred thousand US dollar) for you,just to appreciate your past effort.Feel free to contact United Bank For Africa (UBA)
      Email: ( [email protected] )
      Contact them for the ATM VISA CARD,
      Dr.David Mark,
      Telephone; +221704016895
      Ask the bank to post the card to you,with the card you can withdraw the money from any bank there in your country or any where in the world.
      I do appreciated your efforts that is why i decided to compensate you.
      So feel free to get in touch with the bank, direct them where or how to post it for you.
      Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share our joy together and forget all the sufferings.
      I am very busy here because of the investment projects which I and my partner is having at hand.
      Though I have given instruction to the bank on your behalf,therefore establish contacts with them for the delivery of the ATM VISA CARD to you without any delay.
      Take care and remain Blessed.

  17. Siki,
    In my country is non UBA but me have a africard visa credit card approval and the africard in my but me received by DHL without the envelope with the PIN CODE withdraw or passcode I receive only and only the africard visa card and the card is blocked in Senegal

    1. You need a pass code in order to log in to this portal where you can create the ATM pass All I can recommend is that you check out the envelope where you card came since it contains all required information. In case it doesn’t, then contact the Senegal bank which issued the card. You can simply email them.

      1. I live in Pakistan. My friend leave visa ATM card in uba bank for me.DHL courier fee 410 dollars.but I don’t know what is your currency rate in Pakistan.can u tell me something in this matter.

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  19. Hi. I am from Tanzania I would like to know if my UBA visa does exist. What do I supposed to do?

    1. If you have a VISA card issued by UBA, the of course it does exist. Look around your card, you will see the names, the card number, the expiry date and the CVV number behind your card. Or, simply use the contact us page and email me for a personal help.

  20. Hi ,
    about applying for the visa card. I am a Ugandan citizen but am not in uganda right now. And will not be for the next year. In addition,the country am in does not have UB.i urgently need to apply and get a visa card . Is it possibe for me to do it online ? And if it do i do it and how long will it take?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Please visit Uganda UBA Bank Website and get their customer helpline number. As the details you want and you will be responded.

  21. With this UBA card, I have been able to purchase free things online. Thank you for this valuable information, it will be helpful for lots of Nigerians looking to shop online.

  22. I have really learned new things through your blog post. One other thing I have seen is that typically, FSBO sellers will reject a person. Remember, they’d prefer not to use your providers. But if anyone maintain a comfortable, professional romance, offering support and keeping contact for four to five weeks, you will usually manage to win a discussion. From there, a listing follows. Thanks a lot

  23. UBA free prepaid visa cards are great. They help you spend what you add. You can use it anywhere including verify PayPal and many others like Skrill. You made the research. Hmm, just for laugh – Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPhone and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be a YouTube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone! Good work done.

  24. Oh my God, a free debit prepaid visa card from UBA? Thank you so much. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this superb blog! I guess for now I’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

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