How To Activate / Set up A New StarTimes Decoder Box Set

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
Activate new startimes decorder

Here is how to activate a new StarTimes decoder. The same post will show you how to reactivate a dormant decoder in case you haven’t been using it for a long time.

When you buy a new StarTimes decoder, you are required to have it activated in order to be able to watch subscribed channels. And when you take a long without using your digital box or without renewing your subscription, your decoder goes dormant.

Regardless of whether you are in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, or any other country where Star times operates, reading this tutorial will help you to instantly activate the new, or reactivate your old StarTimes digital box and watch reality TV.

Based on my own experience, a new StarTimes decoder more especially one which has been bought from a low agent might take time before it’s activated. The reason for such a delay is due to the process of the receipts which contain or have your device serial number and smart card numbers take a long to reach the Startimes service center for activation and set up.

That is why you need to read this post since it will help you find and learn how to activate your box instantly upon purchase. And please note, this is not a star times decoder cheat, nor a how-to hack star times decoder for free channels. Rather, this is simply an online manual offered by me. Find useful information below.

How to activate or set up your new Startimes decoder

The very first thing you should do is to contact Startimes customer service using their helpline number. Call and tell them that you have a new box to activate. You will be asked to read your box serial number, which is found on the wrapping box, and on the decoder itself. Read it to them. Next, you will be asked to read your Smart card number, which you should read. The smart card number is just on the card itself.

All of this information can be found on your receipt. Once you are done, you will be told to wait for a few minutes after which your box will instantly start streaming. You can too contact their service center using their helpline phone number, email, or accessing their offices in person.

Reactivate a dormant Startimes decoder

  • Find your decoder card number
  • Plugin in your Startimes box in the power
  • Power on the box set
  • Renew your subscription by paying
  • Wait a few minutes and it will be reactivated

You can check the status by using the Startimes app that is available for free to download in the Google play store. Just in case your decoder can’t work, call the Startimes helpline, read them the ICU number and your decoder will be reactivated.

Other Star times Decoder helping guides

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How To Activate / Set up A New StarTimes Decoder Box Set

40 thoughts on “How To Activate / Set up A New StarTimes Decoder Box Set

  1. Please activate my Startimes decoder.
    Card Number: 02586660400
    Serial Number: 42717213010526939
    Phone Number: 08036295690.
    Nwabueze Ndubuisi Stephen.

  2. I want to activate startimes card

    Name Fldelis buoro

    Phone number 08105450846

    S/N 42697212910522003
    Chip I’d 02724690608

  3. Hello startimes please I recharged to my decoder about 8hours ago and anything didn’t show up yet. Help me out with it.
    This is my Smart card number: 02110976834
    Name is olawoore Samson akinkunmi

  4. Please register and activate for me

    Serial number

    Smart card number

    Tafadzwa sharaunga


  5. Please I want you to activate my new star times decoder
    Email [email protected]
    Phone number 0594356651
    Card 00734420931
    Serial 31412818077175185
    Serial 31412818077175185

  6. Please startimes register my decoder in my names ,iam kansiime justus
    MY SN IS 4271720523514843 AND SNART CARD 02720652810

    1. Call startimes helpline and request them to send you a mechanic to help you set up your TV.Or simply follow the instructions on the manual.

  7. Please register and activate my account (newdecoder)
    Name yiga Mahad
    Phone number 0708542176
    Smart card 02724479359
    S/N 42697205232532785

  8. I want to activate my startime… smart card….02586570867……’s/n’…42717204410398301

    1. Please register and activate for me

      Serial number

      Smart card number

      Tafadzwa sharaunga


  9. Name::Seyi ALONGE
    CHip iD::00685349451
    Phone no::08109171460
    Card no::01831958732

    Please get it registered for me with the following details …. Thanks

  10. Iam in unable to activate my top star decoder smart card # 02168536979 and serial number 28622816450316274.please help

  11. I can’t recharge my smart card online, so I need to re-register my smart card. How can I have operator code?

        1. Mahmoud, Startimes has different customer care numbers in the different countries. Please specify which country so I can see away of helping you out.

    1. my decoder is not responding help me how to reach its signals strength and signal quality please.

  12. I want my decoder reactivate. I recharge it with 2000 naira on the 5/7/2016 three days ago and I have not been able to watch anything on it.please help me activate decoder number is 02027201833

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