How To Activate / Set up A New Startimes Decoder Box Set

Activate new startimes decorder This post is on how to activate, and or set up your new startimes decoder so that you can instantly start watching your bouquet or channels you have subscribed to. And regardless of whether you are in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, and or any other country where Star times operates, reading this tutorial will help you to instantly activate your box and watch real TV.

Basing on my own Experience, a new startimes decoder more especially one which has been bought from a low agent might take time before its activated. The reason for such a delay is due to the process the receipts which contain or have your device serial number and smart card numbers take long to reach the Startimes service center for activation and set up.

That is why you need to read this post since it will help you find, and learn how to activate your box instantly upon purchase. And please note, this is not a star times decoder cheat, and nor a how to hack star times decoder for free channels. Rather, this is simply an online manual offered by me. Find useful information below.

How to activate or set up your new Startimes decoder

The very first thing you should do is to contact Startimes customer service using their helpline number. Call, tell them that you have a new box to activate. You will be asked to read your box serial number, and which is found on the wrapping box, and on the decoder itself. Read it to them. Next, you will be asked to read your Smart card number, and which you should read. The smart card number is just on the card itself.

All of this information can too be found on your receipt. Once you are done, you will be told to wait for some few minutes after which your box will instantly start streaming. You can too contact their service center using their helpline phone number, email or accessing their offices in person.

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23 Responses

  1. Anunobi okechukwu says:

    new box activation

  2. jacob timi says:

    to pair my new startime decoder and smart 01467381990

  3. jacob timi says:

    I want to activate my new startimes decoder and smart card number 01467381990-1

  4. selina says:

    pls how to activate card for me to watch movie just bought it they not activate de card

  5. Jonathan obour says:

    I want my new decoder activated. The s/n is 28412817291064583.chip I’d is 00712920186

  6. Jonathan obour says:

    I want my new decoder activated

  7. julien says:

    Iam in unable to activate my top star decoder smart card # 02168536979 and serial number 28622816450316274.please help

  8. Favour says:

    I can’t recharge my smart card online, so I need to re-register my smart card. How can I have operator code?

  9. Mahmoud says:

    My card nimber is 01831659573 my décoder SN is : 00669171427

  10. Mahmoud says:

    Bonjour j’ai acheter le décodeur mais pas d’image

  11. Annancy Joshua says:

    i need to be register please help me out

  12. babacar says:

    bonjour es que on peut avoir un abonnement de canal plus et beinsport avec le decodeur startimes

  13. Erick says:

    Hello star times I have a decorder, star times dish but I have a zuku lnb is it compatible?

  14. Zachary says:

    My decoder is not responding to any channels how will I do

    • Teresa wairimu Ngunjiri says:

      my decoder is not responding help me how to reach its signals strength and signal quality please.

  15. Adamu Usman says:

    I need by receiver activasion

  16. Ahmed Ganiyu says:

    I want my decoder reactivate. I recharge it with 2000 naira on the 5/7/2016 three days ago and I have not been able to watch anything on it.please help me activate decoder number is 02027201833

  17. Emmanuel John Wilson says:

    I want my receiver activate please.

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