How To Change Paid TV Decoder Into FTA?

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how to unlock tv channels for freeYou can change paid TV decoder into FTA and enjoy your favorite channels and unlimited streaming using a number of ways. Paid decoders requires one to subscribe to a bouquet of choice in order to watch selected television channels for as long as the subscription is still valid. On the other hand, FTA or call it free-to-air decoders gives one 100% freedom of watch all available TV channels for free without the need to pay those daily, weekly or monthly fees.

If you were wondering whether it is possible to change paid decoder into FTA and enjoy total freedom, you might consider reading this article in full in order to find the answer you are looking for.

How to unlock TV channels for free?

How To Change Paid TV Decoder Into FTA?

The best way you can unlock TV channels for free is to use an FTA decoder, upgrade your paid decoder by installing the free DVB-T2 software, DVB-T2 APK and or “hack” or even use “cheat codes”.

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FTA decoders

On the market are various FTA decoders for sale which all gives one freedom of TV without worrying to pay for monthly subscriptions. These FTA decoders are sold at different prices depending on the type, make, model and the number of channels they provide.

In Uganda for example, there is a recommended list of those free-to-air decoders by UCC which have been known to work good. You can check out’s list of the best 5 FTA and Satellite decoders you can try.

Free DVB-T2 software

You can download and install free DVB-T2 software on your computer and access all those paid channels for free. Free DVB-T2 software can be got from the internet and requires certain minimum specifications on windows computer or any other supported operating system.

Guide on how to install Free DVB-T2 software is always found on those providers offering it for use. You can check out DVB viewer, ProgDVB, Mobile TV Viewer for DVB and others. Also your decoder must have a USB port or memory slot as part of the requirements.

Hacking Paid TV channels

You can only hack paid TV channels only if you know what it takes. Yes, I have encountered many questions like “how to hack startimes decoder, hack scrambled channels, how to hack GoTv, DSTV and all other Digital TV’s”, with partial responses. You can also google search on the same and see if you will get the working answer.

Using “Cheat Codes”

A few sites have published cheat codes which are claimed to be working. I have personally been searching for and still searching for the working “cheat code”. While I may not say they don’t work or work with no base, fact is I am also still searching for the same.

My way

I have personally used this same trick and found it working when it comes to enjoying free paid channels for free on my decoder. True, you only need to subscribe to the ongoing promotions and get free offers which including watching TV free. For example you pay startimes for 3 months and get one extra month free.


DVB-T2 applications are installable on Android and other supported OS devices. For example, you can install Startimes APK free and enjoy unlimited paid TV which you wouldn’t without having an active subscription plan. Others mobile apk’s include Titanium TV APK, AOS TV APK, Live NetTV and etc.

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How to pay for inbuilt decoder?

You can pay for inbuilt decoders the same way you can pay for an external decoder. Inbuilt TV decoder providers attach ICU numbers on those decoders thus allowing one to renew or pay daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions using that number.

A live example is startimes inbuilt decoder TV. Startimes offers those 24″, 32″, 40″ and 42″ screen size TV’s at amazing prices. They are both FTA and paid in that if you don’t want to pay, you can instead use it as free to air or pay and turn it int paid TV.

Download Startimes APK free

Startimes decoder

Download startimes apk free here or by visiting Google play services and searching for “startimes’. Startimes mobile app gives you instant access to unlimited TV on the go. You will also be able to watch Live TV, Football, movies and KunguFu

Winding up

While it is possible to change a paid TV into FTA decoder, fact is that it involves lots of things-to-do which must be accomplished in order to have a good job. You need things like an APK’s, DVB-T2 software and etc. You also must be well aware of the complications since installing another software on your paid TV for example may cancel the warranty.

Having a cool working way, an addition or something else to share, feel free to do it using the comment form below. I will be more than happy to respond the moment I receive your view, comment or etc.

How To Change Paid TV Decoder Into FTA?

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