These 7 Apps Allow You Get Free In-App Purchase For Android

how to get free in app purchases

While most apps on Android are free, many of them have advanced features for example removing advertisements which are only accessible once one upgrades, and something which requires a payment.

Many of these are found games we play for example multiplayer games, matatu games, strategy games, soccer (football), leaderboards, online challenges, VPNs, and etc. Many of these games for example rewards players with points which can later be used for feature unlocking, and or one has to pay in order to access such a feature or features.

How to get free in app purchases android?

Using these top 7 best in app purchase hacks, you can get free credits, free upgrade thus helping you unlock features on your favorite android applications. Below is the list;

  • Cree Hack
  • Leo Playcard
  • Lucky Patcher
  • Xmodgames
  • Freedom APK
  • Game Killer APK

Cree Hack

Wondering how to unlock your exciting level? The answer is Cree Hack. Cree Hack is another great application which allows you to “sweep” all paid apps for free.

The application is available to download for free and allows you to hack any android game for free. Also, it requires no root access.

Download Cree Hack

Leo Playcard

Whether you are looking for get game coins or unlocking  higher game levels, Leo Playcard is another tool which will help you hack in-app purchase on Android phones. With Leo Playcard Apk installed on your mobile, hacking “targeted android games” becomes a very simple task to do.

Unlike other tools which will make you go through rooting, Leo Playcard requires no device rooting thus meaning that you enjoy games while maintaining your phones warranty.

Download Leo Playcard

Lucky Patcher

Whether you want to remove unwanted system applications, perform backups, block ads or perform any modifications, Lucky Patcher is your android solution.

With Lucky Patcher, it becomes easy to bypass in-app purchase limitations on any android app in addition to helping the user t sync, clone and emulate any targeted app. This tool works on both rooted and non rooted devices.

Download Lucky Patcher

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If you want to access any in-app purchases android games for free without any payment, Xmodgames is another solution you may want to try and unlock your favorite games including Clash of Clans, Asphalt 8, Mortal Combat and etc.

With Xmodgames, you are ready to hack different game developers games.

Download Xmodgames

Freedom APK

Freedom APK allows you to unlock premium game features on your choice of games at a free cost including ads removal, free coins, add-ons, gold coins, keys and level upgrade. This tool is advanced in that it also offers a free ‘fake credit card’ you can use when paying for premium features on play store.

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Download Freedom APK

Game Killer APK

Whether you are using Lollipop, Marshmallow and any other android version, Game Killer is your other app you can use to modify coins, gems, hp, mp, life and etc. Game Killer helps you enjoy in-apps for free any compatible android device.

Download Game Killer apk

AppSara APK

AppSara apk help you avoid spending money while allowing you enjoy in-app paid and premium game features for free on your android. You can hack app and games to make free purchases.

Download AppSara apk

How to modify android games using the above apps?

All of the above mod will require user access and permission in order to work well on your devices. After installing them and clicking open, you should see a “Grant Permission” or “Grant Access’ request which you should allow. Since many above don’t require device rooting, granting them permission allows they have access to your device and do the work of mods.

How to install unknown apps permission on Android?

In order to install unknown or 3rd party apps permission on Android, please follow the below steps.

  • Tap “Apps” and “Settings”
  • Scroll and tap “Security”.
  • Scroll and enable “allow installation of apps from unknown sources” under “unknown sources”.

Winding up

You might have been seeing your friends enjoy unlimited paid games and premium features and wondered how they make it. I am very sure by now you know some of the hidden tricks they use in order to access such. You might also want to try out the above and prove to them that tech indeed works. Also are similar ways for iPhone (iOS) which I will be sharing soon. But don’t forget, this post is for informational purposes only.

Want to add on something, ask or share your own views, trust me I like that. Simply leave a comment below and I will be very happy to get back you or listen to your views.

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