Hard Reset Oukitel U10, C3, C2, U6, U7, U9, U8, K6000 Pro, K1000, Universe Tap, Original Pure, Kindo Thranduil Android

Hard Reset Oukitel Learn how to hard reset Oukitel U10, C3, C2, U6, U7, U9, U8, K6000 Pro, K1000, Universe Tap, Original Pure, Kindo Thranduil android OS smartphones. If you own one of the above in this list or any other, then this tutorial is very fit for you since by the time you are through it, you will be able to DIY.

The hard resetting process is one way of eliminating all possible errors and malfunctions your device may be having which may include but not limited to removing the forgotten unlocking pattern, pin, password or even your Google account credentials linked on your smartphone.

What happens is that using the key combinations on the same device, you can star the process and end it from where your [[[Oukitel mobile]]] device will be able to work well once again in addition to having its settings reverted to those factory settings as it was when you first bought it.

The Oukitel hard resetting process will wipe all data stored on it which means that if one doesn’t back it all before, chances are that you will lose all with no option of recovering. Doing an external back up on the SD Card and or computer will help you store your important data.

How to hard reset Oukitel Smartphone

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– Charge up your mobile at least 50% level.
– Turn it off and remove the battery for some 30 seconds, and return it back.
– Using keys power and volume up, press them at once and wait for vibration.
– Release power key and continue holding the Volume key until you see android logo.
– Press send key or power key and select Wipe data/reset and confirm using either key.
– Select “Yes delete all user data” and confirm

Wait for your device to reboot and you will be done. Run the first step configuration setup and input all required data including your names, Google account and etc. You are ready to chat on Whatsapp, Facebook and etc..

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