How To Hard Reset Samsung [email protected] 222 GT E2222 / Bypass Phone Lock

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Samsung Ch@t 222 E2222

I encountered this personally. And yes, I was able to hard reset this Samsung [email protected] 222 E2222 using this very method, and which helped me to bypass the lock which my friend has activated in device. The entire process was a hard one at first although by the end of it all, I came to know how simple this was after I tried all the best and finally had my Samsung [email protected] 222 E2222 mobile device hard reset.

If you too own this Samsung [email protected] 222 GT E2222 mobile phone, it is better for you to know this procedure, and which you can only after reading this post in full. It so happens that others play with our devices, while at the same time, we the owners can forget that lock password we had set. This alone is enough to prevent you from using your mobile phone not until you perform a hard reset. But how it is done? That is why you need to read this.

How to hard reset Samsung [email protected] 222 GT E2222

Performing a [[[Samsung [email protected] 222 E2222]]] hard reset is one simple thing to do. And unlike me who toiled for some hours before I could find the solution, for you who is reading this just know that you are lucky since a simple step below will help you out and instantly.

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1. First turn off your phone and remove the battery for some seconds.
2. Dial *2767*3855#. Your device will reboot and the password request will be bypassed.

In case the above code fails up, then you should dial *2767*2878# and wait for your Samsung mobile to reboot automatically. When done with powering on again, you should see any more password requests and you will be ready to use your gsm device once again.

How To Hard Reset Samsung [email protected] 222 GT E2222 / Bypass Phone Lock

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