How I Get Free Internet Access On MTN And Airtel

free internet access uganda

I use a number of tricks to get free internet access both on MTN and Airtel networks, and which I am sharing in this guide. The access I get helps me access to the entire world on my smartphone and computer in addition to staying in touch with families and friends.

If you are wondering how I do it, this article contains every “trick, hack and cheat code” I use to enjoy free unlimited internet access on Airtel and MTN Uganda respectively. I have shared those ways I personally use and have been using until this post’s publication time and date.

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Disclaimer: This guide is for informational purposes only and does not act as a substitute for data services provided by the network providers. By using it, you are doing it at your own risks. Refer to your provider on how you can access such services.

Free MTN internet

Besides the well known offers by the network provider, the other way you can get free MTN internet in Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Sudan, Rwanda, etc is through tunneling for example using HeaderTun application. This application has been used in many countries on the different networks and it still works.

How to use HeaderTun app

You can use HeaderTun app to access free MTN internet by following the below procedures.

  • Download HeaderTun app
  • Install HeaderTun in your android or iOS device and open it.
  • Turn on “Stealth settings” and configure as below.
  • Select “TCP” under connection protocol”.
  • Input “8080” under connection port”.
  • Set to “Disabled” under “connect via parent proxy“.
  • Set to “Enabled” under “custom TCP/HTTP headers“.
  • Enter “” under “Host“.
  • Select “Get” under “request method”
  • Set “injection method normal” to “normal“.
  • Set to “tick” under “reverse proxy

You can now generate and save your HeaderTun app settings. Restart your mobile phone and connect to the internet with “zero” data and enjoy unlimited streaming and etc.

Note: This same guide works as Airtel Uganda “cheat code” for free unlimited internet.

Airtel free Internet

There are very many ways you can use to enjoy un-metered Airtel internet in Uganda, Kenya, India, etc. Un-metered allows you to download, stream, chat Whatsapp, Facebook, Imo, Instagram, Viber and etc all at 0 charges using DroidVPN.

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How to use DroidVPN app

DroidVPN is an application which will gives you access to unlimited internet on Airtel network. This VPN app will “hack” your network and grant you access other than data codes. This means that using the below proxy settings, you are on your way to have full access with no restrictions. Follow below procedures.

  • Download DroidVPN and install it on your phone.
  • Tap “start” and proceed to “settings“.
  • Select “TCP“: under connection and also enable “https” headers.
  • Type in “” under “host” and save settings

Restart your smartphone and connect to the Airtel internet with “no” data bundle.

I am sure you have seen what I do to enjoy the above, feel free to share your way if you got one. You are also welcome to leave a comment in order to add on anything.

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