How To Apply A Passport In Uganda, EA

Ugandan Passport Also known as the official traveling document, applying for a Passport in Uganda is a process which many consider to be a hard one yet others take it as a simple process. Whether in Kenya, Tanzania, US or any other country, a Passport remains the same and is issued by respective governments as an identification of the holders citizenship with regard although the passport application process tends to differ. The word passport is known to have its origin way back in 450 BC as was required for those who were to pass through territory or city wall and it was the responsibility of the local authorities to issue such documents.

In Uganda, there are basically three types of passports which the government offers to citizens for example the Diplomatic Type Passports which are the ones issued to government officials and diplomats, the Official Type Passports which are issued to other officials like those in the permanent commission, the church leaders and etc while the third Passport type is that which is known as the Ordinary Type Passports which are the ones issued to all the remaining other citizens with the entire Passport responsibility with regard to issuing being handled by the Internal Affairs Ministry.

Previously, obtaining a passport in Uganda was something which required one to first go to the Internal Affairs ministry for a BRAF or payment slips but now,thanks top the new Uganda Revenue Authority e-Tax which made things a lot more easier in that one can be able to pay for the Passport from the comfort of his home or office and below is the entire process involving the step by step.

1. The first step is for the applicant to download forms A and B either from the Internal Affairs Website and or from the nearest Passport Office which are located through out the Ugandan Embassies and district offices for example at the Directorate of Immigration office in Kampala.

2. The collected forms need to be filled fully with every information required, taken to ones Local Council officers/representatives including 1, 2 and 3, taken to the GISO, the police for criminal verification and lastly to the Resident District Commissioner.

3. The next step should be for the applicant to visit the URA e-Portal, Navigate to Payment registration, choose other NTR, choose Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control under the Ministry/Department/Agency, Select the Passport Type you have are applying for like Ordinary or Diplomatic under the Other NTR Head, fill in all the other information and click on accept and register.

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4. Now you should take the Printed Payment Form to the nearest Bank branch of the one you selected, pay and be given a stamped receipt and or to omit number 3 above and go directly to any nearest URA branch for help.

5. The last step is to take all the documents as filled accompanied by your paid receipt to the Immigration office, hand them over, be told when to collect your Passport and everything will be done.

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  1. Able Ruth Mukisa says:

    Thank you Internal Affairs for information given though i needed alittle more clarity!

  2. Able Ruth Mukisa says:

    I am inquiring on how to apply for EA passport.I dont have a Ugandan Passport yet but because government announced that it was to start issuing EA passports instead of the ordinary Ugandan passport,I felt i should apply for it instead.
    How can i apply and get an EA passport?

    Thank you
    Yours trully
    Able Mukisa

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