How To Apply For New Umeme Connection Online In Uganda

By submitting the new Umeme connection application form online, you are ready to get connected and light up within 10 working days from the date of application.

By providing the Umeme new connection requirements among which include, the umeme wiring certificate booklet and anything else that may be required, your premises will be inspected and the application approved for lighting.

Whether you are looking forward to installing new Umeme electricity for residential (home use) or commercial (business and industrial use), fulfilling certain requirements will allow you to get connected depending on the application type, express or normal.

Brief about Umeme Uganda

Umeme is Uganda’s licensed power and energy distribution Company that was formed in with the sole purpose of distributing and supplying electricity to customers, operations, maintenance, and upgrade of electricity distribution infrastructure, electricity retail, and provision of related services.

How to apply to Umeme?

My umeme online is the starting point when it comes to getting connected. Myumemeonline is the convenient, secure, and easy way to apply for a new electricity connection in Uganda. The online option allows you to apply from anywhere, at any time on a computer, a tab, a laptop, or the iPad.

How long does it take to get connected?

The longer it takes to get connected to Umeme is determined by the connection fees that the customer is willing to pay. For example, I choose Customer Funded Connections (CFC) when I paid the 41,300/- as Inspection fees plus the 720,883/- for no pole connection and was connected within the 10 working days.

If you choose to go for the ECP/government free connections, then it can take you some long time before you get power since ECP/government free connections were halted for various reasons thus causing these prolonged delays, although the program is slowly resuming and we will fast track all older applications made (first come, first served). This means that unless all old applications are processed, it can take you a long time.

Steps to get connected (Express)

  • Apply Online. Pay inspection fees through our payment channels (Mobile money & banks)
  • Upon payment of inspection fees, the Umeme team will visit you for an inspection of the premises within 2 days
  • Upon successful inspection, you will pay connection fees and a meter will be installed within 10-15 days upon receipt of payment by Umeme.

General requirements for Umeme new connection

  • Copy of national ID or passport
  • Wiring certificate
  • Wayleave- permission from landowners through which the line will pass (if applicable)
  • Company seal and certificate of incorporation (for companies)
  • Trading license for sole proprietorships

Umeme new fees

Inspection Fees

DescriptionInspection Fees
a) Domestic / ResidentialUGX 41,300
b) Ordinary Commercial e.g. Shops/KiosksUGX 41,300
c) Three Phase – Time of UseUGX 88,500
d) Three-phase – KVAUGX 118,000

1. New Connection Fees (Standard/ Single-phase no pole and one pole connections)

Meter typeERA Approved VAT Incl costs (UGX)
a) Wireless split meter – No poleUGX 720,883
b) Bare Conductor Wireless split meter – One PoleUGX 2,387,472
c) ABC Conductor Wireless split meter – One PoleUGX 2,741,188

2. New Connection Fees (Non-standard and three-phase connections)

New connection fees (Non-Standard Connection)Connection Fees
a) 2 poles and more connections – single phaseCost after survey
b) Commercial-Three Phase (TOU)Cost after survey
c) Industrial – KVACost after survey

Key points to note

  • Domestic: Low voltage supplied at 240 volts (residential houses, salons, shops, kiosks)
  • Commercial: Single phase low voltage load (supermarkets, restaurants, clinics)
  • Commercial: Three Phase low voltage below 100 Amperes (small scale industries, fuel pumps, millers)
  • Industrial: Low and High voltage of 415 volts with maximum demand up to 500kVA and 11000 volts or 33,000 volts with maximum demand exceeding 500 kVA but up to 10,000 kVA respectively (large scale industries).
  • Refer to this page for updated Umeme connection fees and tariffs.

How to pay for Umeme

You can do that using Airtel Money and MTN Mobile Money, or by making the payment to any bank of choice. Refer here for all available Umeme payment options.

How to contact Umeme

Using the umeme toll-free number 0800285285/0800385385, 0772285285 for Whatsapp, Umeme mobile app, and email: [email protected], you are ready to inquire about anything of choice. You can also use the help page for a live chat or download the requirement form pdf in case you want to know more about it.

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