How To Apply/Get/Obtain A TIN/EIN/Tax ID Number In China

Are you in China and looking for a Tax Identification Number? Do you do business in China and looking for a Tax ID? Are you employed, an online seller, a retailer, a wholesaler or any other who happens to do such kind of work which requires one to have a TIN Number?

Regardless of whether you want to apply and get your Federal tax-id, a State Employer Tax-ID, a Sales State Tax-ID or even a Business Tax Registration ID, this post will help take you through the step by step process and procedures to doing so.

And just like the different countries require TIN’s or Tax ID’s for purposes of paying government and operational taxes as required by the law, the same happens to China just like Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, The USA and many others. The TIN is issued by an agency which represents the government to individuals, corporations, businesses, employers and others.

For those who want to operate legally in all your activities and businesses like selling on eBay or others, below are the simple steps from applying to getting your tax-id with you.

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1. Start by gathering all of the required documentations which may include the tax payers names, your trading or business license, your banking information and any other as may be required by the China Income Tax Department.

2. Visit the Income Tax Department offices and or access their website and follow as will be instructed.

Your TIN/EIN/TAXID will be processed within a few minutes and you will be done..

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