How To Block A Number(s) Calling You On Huawei Phones

Add A Number To Block List Huawei This tutorial is about how to block a number(s) on Huawei mobile phone. By successfully adding any of the numbers you want in the Block list, it means that the one you added will no longer be able to call you up and there by enjoying the maximum of your privacy depending on the reason as to why you decided to use the feature. When I opted in for this feature, my problem was an unknown person who harassed me through mobile and there by looking for a way to initiate the block personally without going to the service provider. Talk of getting rid of all unwanted callers incoming to your smartphone or feature device.

If you are using any of these devices you see for example the “Huawei Maimang 5,Honor 8,Honor 8,Honor 5A,Honor 5A,G9 Lite,G9 Lite,Honor 5C LTE,Honor 5C LTE,Honor 5C,Honor 5C,P9 Lite,P9 Lite,Y5 II 4G,Y5 II 4G,Y5 II,Y5 II,Y3 II 4G,Y3 II 4G,Y3 II,Y3 II,P9 Plus,P9 Plus,P9,P9,Y6 Pro,Y6 Pro,GX8,GX8,Honor 5X,Honor 5X,Enjoy 5S,Enjoy 5S,Mate 8,Mate 8,G7 Plus and G7 Plus.

Others models are Enjoy 5,Enjoy 5,Google Nexus 6P,Google Nexus 6P,G8,G8,Mate S,Mate S,Honor 7i,Honor 7i,Honor 4A,Honor 4A,Honor 4A LTE,Honor 4A LTE,G620S,G620S,Y625,Y625,Y541,Y541,Y336,Y336,Honor 7 Dual SIM,Honor 7 Dual SIM,Honor 7,Honor 7,Honor Bee,Honor Bee,Honor 4C,Honor 4C,Ascend P8lite,Ascend P8lite,SnapTo,SnapTo,Y635,Y635,Y360,Y360,C199S,C199S and G Play Mini.

Still on the list include the G Play Mini,Ascend P8,Ascend P8,Ascend P8max,Ascend P8max,Ascend GX1,Ascend GX1,Honor 6 Plus,Honor 6 Plus,Honor 4X,Honor 4X,Honor 6 Extreme Edition,Honor 6 Extreme Edition,Honor Holly,Honor Holly,Honor 4 Play,Honor 4 Play,Ascend G7,Ascend G7,Ascend Mate 7,Ascend Mate 7,Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition,Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition,Honor 3C Play,Honor 3C Play,Honor 6,Honor 6,Honor 3X Pro,Honor 3X Pro,Honor 3C 4G,Honor 3C 4G,Ascend G750,Ascend G750,Honor 3C,Honor 3C,Ascend P7,Ascend P7,Ascend G730,Ascend G730,Ascend P7 mini,Ascend P7 mini,Ascend Y600 and Ascend Y600,Y300,Y300.

Also Ascend G6,Ascend G6,Ascend Y530,Ascend Y530,Ascend P6 S,Ascend P6 S,Ascend Y511,Ascend Y511,Ascend Y320,Ascend Y320,B199,B199,Ascend Mate 2,Ascend Mate 2,Ascend W2,Ascend W2,Ascend P6,Ascend P6,Ascend G700,Ascend G700,G610,G610,Honor 3,Honor 3,Ascend W1,Ascend W1,Ascend Mate,Ascend Mate,Ascend Y300,Ascend Y300,Ascend G510,Ascend G510,Ascend P2,Ascend P2,Ascend D2,Ascend D2,U8300,U8300,Ascend G600,Ascend G600,G300,G300,Ascend Y200,Ascend Y200,M920,M920,Ascend P1,Ascend P1,U8652,U8652.

Ascend D1,Ascend D1,Ascend P1 S,Ascend P1 S,M886,M886,Boulder U8350,Boulder U8350,Honor,Honor,U8850 Vision,U8850 Vision,Sonic U8650,Sonic U8650,M865,M865,M835,M835,Ascend X,Ascend X,Ideos X5,Ideos X5,Ideos X3,Ideos X3,New Ideos X5,New Ideos X5,U8150 Ideos,U8150 Ideos,U8110,U8110,U8100,U8100,U8220,U8220,Honor 5,Honor 5,Honor Note 8,Honor Note 8,Honor Holly 2 Plus,Honor Holly 2 Plus,U8651T”, this post is for you.

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How to Block a Number (add to Blocklist) on Huawei mobile phones

1. Tap on the contact icon and navigate to all contacts list.
2. Scroll and look out for the contact you want to block or add to the list.
3. Tap on it and see options.
4. Tick box under Block incoming calls and you are done.

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