How To Find Cheap Business Shops For Rent In Kampala Uganda Suitable For All Kinds

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Doing business in the heart of Uganda, which the capital city Kampala is a dream come true to many of us. And yes, this is a thing many people wish so for the different reasons associated for example, access to many buyers, access to cheap wholesalers and very many others. But, the main question people ask is how to get access to those cheap business shops for rental around the city since many of those arcades, malls and shopping centers are known to be very expensive.

Regardless of what you plan to do, and or your nature and kind of business you operate, reading this post will help you find out on how you can get access to cheaper rental shops 2016/2017 within and around Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Leave alone the “common” political rioting places, this guide gives you ideas in less criminal known places yet good for business in that once you are done, you just have to wait for money to come in.

How to go about finding cheap business shops for rent in Kampala Uganda

Free Parking Space For Business Shops

While this journey is looked at as a hard one by many, personally I know how easy it is for as long as you are committed to doing business in this year. Whether you want to ship from your current premises to others, and or simply looking out for a fresh start, I will show you how you can go about it.

From what I know, a good business premise is one which has it all from parking space to restaurants to toilets and so forth. This is because of the benefits for example not having to move from one place to another looking for such services. In order to get started on finding the cheaper rental shops for business in Kampala, below is what to do.

Non Occupied Rooms For Rent In Kampala Call 0752009001

Make research – Yes, begin by making research around the place you would want to operate your enterprise eg phone repairing, computer services, internet cafe, poultry feeds, garments, cloth for men and women, posho shop, just an office or etc. This will help you figure out the possible places and eventually make a choice on where to begin.

Cleaner Toilets Aat Rental

Inquire and Compare fees – This is vital. Finding out how much you are to pay on a certain premise and comparing with another will help you get a good bargain. Always, you can take the cheapest while considering all other factors for example, on Nakaiza in Kisenyi, you can get a whole room at only 300,000 UGX while on Roza market next to Ovino in Kisenyi as well, you can get a whole room from as low as UGX 150,000. I am sure you see how comparing is good.

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Make a choice and pay – Once you are done with comparing, the next step is paying before your room is taken. This is because different rooms are set up in different positions and which makes them best than each other.

Rental Rooms On Roza Market Call 0752009001

One other thing I know is that being busy might stall you, that is when you need to consult an expert on this for example to help you with the task. If you are interested in knowing where you can get the cheapest, I personally know many of those shopping centers and arcades or malls, just give me a call on 0752009001 and I will be glad to help you. Or, anyone else can do it for he or she knows all required information.

How To Find Cheap Business Shops For Rent In Kampala Uganda Suitable For All Kinds

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  1. Hello boss i am Kalpesh patel from india and coming Uganda for business may be in few days. So I want to start supermarket business in business in Uganda let me around in small town. Thanks

  2. Hallo
    My name muhammed salahudheen from India I want a room Kampala reasonable rent room please contact me my number 00917510916202 this for Hardwares materials

  3. Hullo, Sir/Madam
    Need space for rent for as low as 100k but outside kampala for a stationary products business….selling books and paper plus copiers. Need your help will be grateful. Thank you..

    1. Thanks Charles John for the comment. Can you kindly call me on 0752009001 so we can talk more with regard? There may be a few questions I would want you to answer. Take time and give me a call, I will help you out.

  4. Hi,

    I have just come across with tour advert about how one can access to cheaper business shops for rent.

    I’m interested to open a small shop / restaurant in Kampala. I really don’t know kampala but think you can help.

    Get back to me with suggestions and we will deal in the near future.

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