How To Change (Amend) URA TIN Registration Details Online/Manually

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Change URA TIN Registration details

The process of changing your URA TIN registration details is known as an amendment. Making an amendment means altering some of your allowed information, something which can only be done by the registered taxpayer.

Depending on the reason as to why you want to change your URA TIN registered details, this guide will take you through the different steps right from A-Z. By the time you go through this tutorial, you will get to know what to do, where to do it, and how exactly to go about the entire process.

Why amend your URA TIN registration info?

  • Change of email address
  • Change of phone number
  • Change or update of business
  • Change of Legal names
  • Change of address

In situations for example when you can’t remember the password of the email address you used when registering your TIN, you can perform an amendment in order to replace the old email with a new one whose login credentials you know.

The same applies to changing any other information on your TIN including your phone number, residential or business address, employment status or business profile update, change of legal names and etc.

Depending on the particulars you are changing, you might be required to provide supporting information to the URA officer in order for the amendment to be enforced.

Ways of changing your URA TIN registration details

  • Online
  • Manually

The online way requires an individual or non-individual to have access to their URA web portal account credentials including the Login ID and password. Since doing an online amendment requires one to be logged in, you can only do that only if you remember your email password for resetting purposes, or remember the last used login ID password.

On the other hand, a manual amendment requires one to download the TIN individual or non-individual amendment form, fill it, sign it, attach all relevant details and submit in person to any URA branch office for application processing.

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Online TIN Amendment procedure

  • Visit
  • Click the “Login/Create an account” panel on the top right corner
  • Enter “Login ID and password”, and click login
  • Check “eServices” on your left-hand side
  • Point mouse at “eRegistration”
  • Click “Individual” under Amendment
  • Check box on whatever “detail” you want to amend
  • Click “Next” and fill in the details to amend
  • Click “Next” on all items until the last page
  • Click “Submit”

Print the TIN Amendment acknowledgment form. You can then attach that form, together with all other documents like a national ID copy, and proceed to any URA branch office for fast processing.

Manual URA TIN Amendment procedure

Once you are done filling the form, submit it to your URA branch office together with your identification copy. You will be given an acknowledgment and told when to expect the changes to happen. You will receive an email once the amendment has been completed successfully.


Performing a Uganda revenue authority taxpayer identification number (tin) change of registration details is required in situations when there was an error during the first registration, for example having used a wrong phone number, business name, or anything else. The process is very simple and easy if you really want to.

How To Change (Amend) URA TIN Registration Details Online/Manually

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