[SOLVED] Anti Inadvertently Mode, Do Not Cover The Top Of The Screen

Anti_Inadvertently_Mode_Do_Not_Cover_The_Top_Of_The_Screen Anti Inadvertently Mode Do Not Cover The Top Of The Screen is a common occurrence in Tecno smartphones, and which is not an error as many think but rather, a feature which is pre-built in. While this feature is very helpful to those who seem to know how to exactly use it, the same feature is a problem to many users especially those who know no more about the same.

When this same happened to Jamil’s phone, he called me asking for help, and which I responded the very way you see this post. What happened was that Jamil couldn’t receive calls and or remove the phone screen lock once this mode was activated but since he followed the steps and procedures as seen below, he was able to use his phone once again and he is happy as the solution helped him fix his Y3. This same procedure can work on the Y4, Y5, Boom J8,Boom J7 and all others you may know.

On many occasions, others think that their Tecno phones have become faulty while others will think that it is a virus due to the nature of what happens when this “Anti Inadvertently Mode Do Not Cover The Top Of The Screen” finally is activated. If you have been wondering how to go about turning off, and or activating this mode on your Android smartphone, taking your time and reading this post might be very helpful to you.

Enable Anti Inadvertently Mode Do Not Cover The Top Of The Screen

1. Tap Applications and go to settings
2. Tap display settings and scroll down
3. Tap on “Inadvertently Mode” checkbox and activate

Disable Anti Inadvertently Mode Do Not Cover The Top Of The Screen

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1. Tap Applications and go to settings
2. Tap display settings and scroll down
3. Tap on “Inadvertently Mode” checkbox and deactivate or turn off

The next time you see this on your screen, you shouldn’t be worried. Simply follow the guide as seen above and you will be done. This whole process is very simple and easy to get started whether on infinix x600 or others..

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14 Responses

  1. mike says:

    i have the same problem can flashing the phone work?

    • KWS Adams says:

      Mike, follow the procedures above and your phone will work again normal. You don’t need to flash your mobile.

      • kalungikeran says:

        hi Adam am kalungi my phone is having the same problem {tecno phantom z mini} anti inadvertently mode is activated now do i remove it basing on how remove it you must go to settings which i cant do

  2. Ogo says:

    My inadvertantly mode is active but not working…wat do I do to correct it

  3. Davif says:

    Thanks. I just followed the steps you listed, and my phone is working perfectly well now. Am very grateful to the publisher.

  4. Augustine Sesay says:

    Thanks Very Much, This Was Helpful

  5. Kenneth wesley says:

    How can i disable anti inadvertently mode in tecno y4

  6. twijukye alex says:

    My techno y6 has the same problem when I switch it on it brings anti in adverntently mode do not cover the top of the screen I cànt open the applications to check on the setting nothing I can do what can I do please help

  7. Adil says:

    Plz as don’t screen cover wali message ke hal ka bataoooo

  8. mugo says:

    Thank you. It worked for me. My camera has been on selphie mode and I have been unable to totally take it back to the usual mode. Also my key board vibrates while I am typing and would love to keep it silent. Whre are this setting on phamtoz Z

  9. Steph says:


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