Review! Is Scam or Legit?

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This is my honest Payhip review 2022. If you want to know whether Payhip is legit, good, or bad, read on to find out the fact.

Are you a PayHip new user or planning to start using the PayHip services? This is a review based on my personal experience as one of the current service users, and for anything, you might be interested in knowing what it’s all about, how it works, whether its a scam or a trustworthy and any other, just keep reading since this article will help you to discover that. PayHip is simply a service provider that helps eBook publishers to list their eBooks for sale while allowing them to get paid through PayPal.

When you take a look on the internet in the different question and answer sites and forums, you will find that many people are asking whether Pay hip is legit or a scam just like one anonymous user emailed me asking about whether it is a scam as many say or legit as others say after reading one of my the articles I wrote about how to make money on PayHip and that is why I decided to write this review based on how I have seen the service as a service member and below is what you should know.

How Does Payhip work?

You are required to create an account, add your PayPal account for payments, upload your eBooks, add a cover photo (optional), choose the eBook price, set the minimum price for buyers, add a coupon code if you wish to, and publish your eBook live.

How To Sell Your eBooks?

Selling your eBooks is simple. When you upload them, each e-book is given a unique link which is its sales page. You are requested to promote your sales page so as to attract as many potential buyers as possible since the more visitors, the higher the chances of selling.

How Do You Get Paid?

When buyers decide to download your listed eBooks, they are taken to the payment page and once they pay, the payment amount is credited to your PayPal account (sellers) and confirmed by the Pay hip systems, a temporally and auto expiry download link is created and send to the buyer’s email to download the book. The number of times an eBook can be downloaded using the same link is determined by the buyer when setting up the eBook settings.

Is The Service Free Or Paid?

Listing your eBooks is a free service. You are charged only when you make a sale and once your payment is credited to your account and this is done automatically. The amount charged is based on how much the eBooks are sold for example selling an e-book at $3 means paying up to $0.12 to PayHip.

Is The Service Scam or Legit?

This is the question many ask themselves and it’s indeed hard to tell sometimes not until one tests the service by him or herself. Personally, I know the service as being legit since I have used it and have never found anything like a problem. I always get paid whenever I make a sale since all funds are credited directly to my PayPal account. But, you can try out other alternatives and see if they can be equated to this service.

Can’t get started? There are lots of eBook writing guides online which you can try and improve your skills, for example, this is my favorite which lists all steps required to make your own eBook in less than 7 days which will make you money forever. Remember, a well-written one is one which will make high sales and so to your earnings. Review! Is Scam or Legit?

24 thoughts on “ Review! Is Scam or Legit?

  1. Hello people. I added a digital product for sale on payhip. But when people buy it the transaction is voided in my paypal account. Any help please? Thank you

  2. Payhit is a scam site , i listed 5 Ebooks yesterday and now they wont allow me to have access to my account , i changed my password more than 3 times still same thing .i am very sure this is a scam site.i will try it again if is the same i will let everyone know on youtube that the site is a scam and i can see that all this testimonials are FAKE AND FUCK THEM ALL

  3. Payhip is a fraud. Two yrs back i got registered at payhip. I was having a huge sets of ebook and digital products which i was selling from that platform. Suddenly payhip stopped me from accessing my account and stole all my digital products.Now i have no more access to my old account which was free to sell unlimited products.

  4. I make a registration on payhip and i successfully added my ebook for selling but when i enter my paypal account it says that my paypal account is not yet verified or my bank account has not been added and yet when i open my paypal account,it’verified and my bank account is already linked.. What can i do??
    Please help..thank you 🙂

    1. Sorry Gea for that. May be its a glitch in the system. I would recommend you refresh your browser and try again. Failing still? Clear your browser cache and cookies and try again. Or even use another browser am sure it will work out. If you still fail, then contact PayHip for help. Thanks for the comment.

  5. I’m an artist selling original, alternative, non-normative and queer content which is sexy and adult-oriented but not explicit or pornographic. I don’t work with nude and I’m not artistically interested in explicit and normative imaginary such as penetration and similar. Nothing wrong with that: it’s just not my cup of tea.
    My work focuses on male feet and tickling. You can like it or dislike it, but no one could question that it is totally “harmless”.
    Since the very first moment (in fact, a few days later) I started to use their plugin, PayHip treated me with a very heavy and patriarchic and malodorous and moralistic ostracism, using every possible excuse.
    They first banned my store preventing me to work in 2015. When I complained, they sent me an email saying they were sorry and explaining that one of their workers just saw the preview images to some of my clips and “assumed” (yes, you’ve read that right: that’s how professional they are) they were pornographic, and before asking for confirmation they just banned me (!). They promised it wouldn’t happen again.
    Now, two years later, they’ve sent me the very SAME-worded email and I’m banned again.
    It’s been several days now and they just refuse to reply to my many emails requesting an explanation.
    I want to make one thing clear: as I speak (June 2017), PayHip doesn’t have ethical, moral or even legal limitations in their terms of service about the content sold via their plugin. They probably should, but they don’t.
    When I talked to PayPal about this, they confirmed they have zero problems with my work, my content and my videos and that what I do does not go against PayPal’s terms of service.
    This is what happens when people who have probably been brain-washed by religion and medieval morals run a (supposedly) multi-cultural business.
    Stay away if you love freedom of expression and respect all your sisters and brothers, fellow human beings.

  6. Payhip has stolen my book. I know this because they used a flyer I use for advertisement on twitter. I haven’t used this flyer for some time. I have a new book cover. Even still, this site stole my book when they do not have my permission to sell my book. I don’t even know if they have sold any. I have not received any royalties.

    1. Melba, you can’t get ebooks to sell unless they are your own work. If you take someone’s work without their permission it is stealing and it IS WRONG!

      Writers work hard. Some writers put in years of work and have made sacrifices. We just don’t sit down and type away without giving it thought. No, it’s quite the opposite. So please don’t steal someone’s work.

  7. I always spent my half an hour to read this blog’s articles or reviews all the
    time along with a cup of coffee.

  8. I’ll immediately grab your rss as I can not to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service.
    Do you’ve any? Please permit me understand in order that I may subscribe.

  9. You want to sell intangible items, pay hip is the right choice. very good and not scam. you pay some small fee to help move forward their work.

  10. I sell a number of ebooks related on virtual credit cards and so forth. Payhip is right place since you sell and they auto deliver. No false claims for as long as you want to earn. Its never skam site.


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