How To Check If A Driving Licence Is Original Or Fake In Uganda

A driving licence is mandatory for any one who wishes to drive on public roads. Right from motorcycles and scooters to motor vehicles, having such a document gurantees your worthness on the road when it comes to abiding by the traffic laws, rules and regulations. If you’ve been wondering how to check if a driving license is original or fake in Uganda, read on.

It is very possible to perform a Uganda driving permit verification in case you want to, and depending on the reason you are doing it for. This helps one to know if their, or someone’s license is authentic, thus allowing you to do business like it happens for people seeking for driving jobs.

As far as I know, using these below 3 ways will help you confirm whether a driver’s license is original or fake in Uganda.

  • Face Technologies
  • Traffic police
  • MOWT Licensing board

How to verify driving permit Authenticity

Face Technologies

Face Techniologies is the official contractor of responsible for designing, printing and supply of computerised driving permits (CDP) in Uganda. Working under the Ministry of Works and Transport, providing them with your permit number will allow you know whether that document exists in their database or not. It existing means being legit while not existing means being fake.

Traffic Police

Hey, the last time I encountered the “Operation Fika Salama” road project stop taught me a lesson. While I explained to the police officer how my license was legit just that I was using the photocopied version, he insisted that he had to confirm. Since we were on a highway, the only way was using their handheld devices which returned all information about my permit after the number was entered. If you are lucky, they can help you out if you apprach them the right way (I know no more than that).

MOWT Licensing board

Like I wrote above, Face Technologies is the official contractor working under the MOWT. This means that MOWT has access to everything to do with Driving permits in Uganda including database. That is why they take on the responsibility of issuing driving permit certification letters.

The next time you want to verify whether your drivers document is fake or original, you can try out any of the ways above. But of course, if you process the license yourself, you are worry free about the above since you know it that your document is legitimate. And please… legit licenses are issued to real owners not any other individual on your behalf.

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