Paypal Valid Email Checker! Legit Or Scam?

For quite some time now, I have been receiving emails with the subject “download PayPal checker” in order to verify whether your PayPal account is in good standing or not. To be honest, both my personal and business accounts are in good standing since they can transact well with no issues or even warnings.

To my surprise, the sender of the above message is unknown – I mean email from an unknown sender. The email contents go on requesting me to click on the PayPal valid email checker PHP added link – which links redirect to you a certain page that requires you to sign up for an account.

While I am unable to tell personally whether this PayPal valid email checker online download is legit or a scam, what I know is that it is similar to many others I have received, which turned out to be a scam other than legitimate.

If you have ever heard of the above, hope you don’t mind sharing your experience. I have tried searching for the same and saw links about; python, risky, etc which I really don’t understand.

This PayPal thread highlights some important information that can help you identify a fake (spoof) email from that which is legit. Things like download software links embedded are signs that the mail is fake, just like the many others mentioned.

Additionally, you can log into your PayPal account 2022 directly in order to verify its current standing. If you can still log in and see no notice, it is a sign that your account is still in good condition.

And in case you suspect anything or even ended up clicking on the fake email contents about checker download, how about contacting PayPal customer care and see if you will be helped. I personally did the same since I never trusted the email besides the fact that I had touched the link.

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