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How to Check Uganda Passport Application Status

By KWS Adams Aug8,2022
Check Uganda passport application status

Here is how to check the status of your Uganda passport application online and find out if is ready for pick up, or collection.

If you’ve applied for a Uganda passport, submitted your application forms, and interviewed, you must have obtained a passport collection notice with a reference number and waiting to be notified by call or SMS that your passport is ready for collection.

But, what if you wait and wait without receiving that call or SMS text?

This is why you need to check the status of your Uganda passport application since you will be able to know whether your passport is ready for collection or not yet ready and get peace of mind. You can also use the same option to schedule the collection of your passport in case you need to.

In order to check the status of your application, you need to have the reference number ready since it is mandatory when tracking the status of your application.

How to track the status of Uganda passport application online

Submitting the above form will help you check your passport application status and also schedule for collection at the date of choice.

This only applies to those who have already submitted their Uganda passport application and were interviewed at the Passport control office, Immigration Department, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

For those who wish to apply for new passports, or renew or replace lost ones, refer to this e-Passport link and see how to. This guide will help you learn how to schedule an appointment once you have paid the associated fees to the bank, and also to reschedule your passport appointment in case you miss the original date of appointment.

By KWS Adams

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