How To Correct Names On NIRA Uganda National ID

NIRA Uganda You can correct names on your NIRA Uganda National ID by submitting in a duly filled and signed Form 1 to Kololo head office. The process requires one to attach and submit a police letter together with a bank payment slip in addition to Form 1. Besides the above, in this full guide, we will cover everything else to do with identity cards regardless of the question you want an answer to. This post covers the following below;

  • What is NIRA?
  • How to apply for new national ID?
  • How to correct National ID details?
  • How to replace a lost / stolen national ID?
  • How to make NIRA Payments
  • How long it takes to get new / replacement ID?
  • How to check national ID application status?
  • NIRA Contacts
  • National ID verification

What is NIRA Uganda?

NIRA stands for National Identification and Registration Authority, the Uganda government agency which takes on the responsibility of registration of persons in a single register. Other functions including registration of all citizens and non-citizens living in the country including birth and death certificates issuance, assigning of unique Id numbers to both registered citizens and aliens in Uganda.

How to apply for new Uganda national ID?

Applying for a new national identity in Uganda is done at designated registration offices and centers throughout the country. Besides those public registration days which are put in place at certain dates as may be decided from time to time at selected points, one can apply for a new national ID from all sub-counties in Uganda.

For those in Kampala district, you can apply for a new ID card by visiting any of the KCCA division offices which make up Kampala including Rubaga division, Makindye division, Kampala central division, Kawempe division and Nakawa division with all required details necessary for new applicants. This process is free of charge and requires one not to pay anything.

Requirements for new Uganda ID application

  • Stamped and signed LC1 letter bearing GISO stamp and signature
  • Photocopies of applicant parents national ID cards
  • Proof of residency (for refugees and other aliens)
  • Dully filled and signed Uganda national ID application form (picked at registration point)

New Uganda National ID registration process

Once you have all of the at hand, you are ready to start your new national ID application process and finally registering. A registration officer will welcome you at the registration offices and will request for your details. Once they are sufficient enough, your data will be captured in the system including all about you as you filled on the NIRA registration forms and also your thumb prints captured.

Upon success, you will be issued with an acknowledgment form (usually part of the same form you filled and submitted) and the registration office will let you know when you are supposed to check in for your issued ID card and the location.

Check ID card status

How to correct Uganda National ID details?

You can correct your national identity card details by filling in the NIRA form 1 below (Notification of change-error in information in the register). Whether you want to change name errors, date of birth mistake, add a new name and etc, NIRA form 1 is the form you are supposed to fill.

You will also be required to submit a dully filled and signed Form 1, a Payment bank slip and the original national identity card to Kololo office. Your details will be verified, purpose acknowledged and application received. You will be give a notification number and also be told on the date and location to pick your ID from.

Download NIRA forms Uganda

  • Form 1 (Change of ID details in register)
  • Form 2 (Confirm ID info)
  • Form 11 (Replacement of lost, defaced, stolen or damaged ID)

NIRA Forms

Note: The above forms are directly linked to NIRA website and are in PDF format. You are supposed to download, save, print and fill them depending on the purpose of the application. You may refer to the official website in case external links aren’t working or form broken.

How To Replace A lost Uganda National ID?

You can replace your ID by submitting in your application to NIRA head office located in Kololo. Your application is subject to having fulfilled all required details which once approved, your application will be acknowledged and a new replacement ID process will commence. Replacing a national ID requires you the applicant to be present since there is re-verification of information in register. See below for requirements.

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Replacing Uganda National ID requirements

  • Police To whom it may concern letter (lost or stolen ID cards)
  • NIRA bank payment slip for the above.
  • Dully filled and signed NIRA form 11 (Uganda national ID replacement form).

For lost or stolen national ID cards, begin by reporting the case to the police and securing a police to whom it may concern letter. For defaced or defected identity cards, you don’t need a police report since you have the ID itself. After paying in the bank, attach everything and submit to Kololo head office.

How to make NIRA Payments

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “eServices” and “payment registration”.
  3. Select “Other NTR” under tax head.
  4. Select “National Identification and Registration Authority” under details of payment.
  5. Select “Registration of Persons” under department.
  6. Select “Identity Cards” under category.
  7. Select “Nationals” or “Foreigners” under application type.
  8. Select why you are paying eg “Lost ID” under tax head
  9. Fill in all other requirements including name, phone, email and address.
  10. Click submit and wait for payment to be registered
  11. Take the Payment form to the bank and make a payment.

Make Nira paymentNote: NIRA payments can be made in any bank of choice for as long as it is listed under banks during payment registration. These payments are collected by Uganda Revenue Authority thus you shouldn’t worry if you see the word URA on the payment slip. You have an option to also select Mobile money payment or even POS depending on your choice.

How long it takes to get new / replacement ID?

The time it takes in order for a new or replacement identity card to be issued varies. It can be from a few weeks to a month, two or even three. Depending on the duration (which is usually an estimate) the NIRA registration officer tells you, all you have to do is to check and also keep checking from time to time until finally you pick your ID.

What is important at this step is for you to keep well and safe the confirmation document you are given since you will need it to track the status of your application every time you visit NIRA offices from where you are supposed to pick the ID from.

How to check national ID application status?

  • Dial *216# and YES, OK or SEND.
  • Input option 2 for application status and OK.
  • Enter your First name (Sur name) and OK.
  • Enter your Given name and OK.
  • Enter application ID no and OK.

Check application status using phone NIRA

Note: You can check the status of your national ID application directly on your mobile by keying in the above USSD codes. The procedure is free and can be done on any mobile network in Uganda. You can also check the status of your ID application by visiting any NIRA office around the country.

National ID verification

National ID verification requires one to fill in and submit NIRA form 2 (confirmation of information of a person in the register). You need to download, save, print and fill in Form 2. You are also supposed to pay the required fees in the bank and submit all of the above to Kololo head office. You will be issued with the required information or be told when to pick it.

NIRA Contacts

  • Address – National Independence Grounds, Kololo Airstrip
  • Reception – +256 312119600
  • ID inquiries – +256 312119631/+256 312119639
  • Birth and death registration – 256 312119601 (
  • Website:

Note: You can also contact any NIRA offices located in any district across Uganda. Some of them include General post office Kampala road, all KCCA division offices in Kampala, Sub-county offices in other districts.

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