How To Create & Merge HDD Partition With Windows Installed

This is a guide on how to create a partition on your hard drive after you have installed your Windows operating system already regardless of which version whether Win XP/7 or any other. It so happens that people prefer partitioning their computer hard drives for the different reasons they have for example the need to storing some important files like documents, videos, music, to-do-list and anything else on a separate partition other than the one where the operating system is installed.

In the same guide, you will be able to discover how you can create multiple partitions, change the drive labels and letters, change the file systems for example from FAT12 to NTSF, merge partitions, copy partitions and anything else you may wish to do with regard to partitioning but while you have your OS already installed and in case you have been wondering how to easily do it, then just keep reading so as to find out how stuff works within the next few coming lines.

Getting Started

Since the article is all about the different partition related tasks while your Windows is already installed on your computer, it means that you need to have the same for example a working and logged on computer to start.

How To Create A Partition On Your Hard Drive?

Creating a different partition is very simple and can be done in two ways for example using a Windows OS CD and or using a third party partition manager software like partition assistant by AOMEI, EaseUs partion master and any other as per your choice.

Creating A Partition Using Windows OS CD

This might appear hard yet it is something simple although suitable for those who have more knowledge of how to set up Windows and below is how to get started.

1. Turn off your computer, restart it and press the necessary boot order prompt of BIOS set up.

2. Make sure that your boot options include boot from CD as an option and save settings.

3. Now insert your Win CD, restart your PC, click on Boot from CD prompt and continue to partitions.

4. Click on create new partition, chose the size of your partition and apply. Your new partition will be available and accesses through My Computer and you will need to format it before using it.

Creating A Partition With A Third Party Partition Manager Software

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This is the simplest of all. All you need is to download your favorite partition software, install and run it on your computer and use the create new partition option to create your new partition.

How To Merge, Change File Type, Delete, Change Labels and Do Anything Else With Partitions?

This is an option which you cant do with Windows itself but rather, something which can be done with a help of a third party software like EaseUs partition master. All you need is to download and install it on your computer, run it and choose any option of your choice for example delete to delete a partition.

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