How To Fix / Solve All HTC Smartphone Keyboard Missing

How To Fix / Solve All HTC Smartphone Keyboard Missing Do you own a HTC smartphone? Are you no longer seeing your keyboard however much you try out? Are you missing typing and chatting with your friends for example on whatsapp, texting and other social networking sites, and or any other application? You don’t need to worry any longer, reading this post will help you uncover that way which can help you restore your HTC smartphone keyboard, and be able to use your mobile once again without any problems related with your keyboard.

And yes, this tutorial is based on what I exactly went through, and how I was able to recover my missing and inaccessible keyboard on my HTC smartphone. And guess what, so far it is back once again, and working more than I could imagine. Still wondering on how to get started, below are some alternative solutions for your missing keyboard you can try out and instantly see it back on your phone.

Solutions for fixing missing HTC Smartphone keyboard

Clear Sense Input application cache and data – Yes, navigate to your HTC smartphone settings, go to applications or manage apps and search for HTC Sense Input. Click on it and select clear cache and data. You can restart your mobile and see if it is working well again. But in case you can’t locate this app like it was on my case, do what you see in below.

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Download HTC Sense Input Application – Yes, go on download this app and install it on your device. You can get it on Google play store and or simply get it from any other APK provider site. This application is free and is by HTC. Install it, reboot your smartphone and you will see the keyboard back. But in case you get errors like unsupported application, then do step below.

Reset your HTC Smartphone – You can either perform a soft reset through the phone settings, assuming you dont have to type a password there, and or perform a hard reset just in case. But remember, it is very important to first back up all of your data before doing this since in many cases, chances are that you will lose all of your data when you reset. Instantly after rebooting your device, your keyboard should be back.

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