How To Get An International Driving Permit (IDP) In Uganda With Automobile Association (AAU)

Last Updated on January 21, 2023 by KWS Adams
Benefits of an international driving permit or license

In this article, I am sharing with you how to get your International Driving Permit through the Automobile Association of Uganda aka AA Uganda. We all know that an IDP is mandatory for you are planning to drivers across boarders or to drive in another country other than ones native country, or that country where one holds a native drivers license.

Just like it is in other countries, through AA Uganda, one can be able to get a valid International Driving Permit or an IDP easily, faster and simply. This means that Ugandans need not to travel oversees in order to get such permits since the whole process can be done within through the Automobile Association of Uganda.

An international driving permit has so many advantages over the native one well as its mandatory or a pre-requirement for any one wishing to get an IDP to own a local one for example the one issued by the ministry of transport and communication through Uganda Revenue Authority and Kyambogo Computerized Driving Permits (CDP). This means that in order for you to qualify for an IDP, you need to have gotten one since the same information is used to issue the International one including the classes and much more.

And sometimes, different countries may require you to produce your local driving license for verification purposes even when you own the IDP. Some of the benefits of an IDP include but not limited to the following below.

How to obtain your IDP through AA Uganda

In order to apply for your international drivers license, you will need some passport photographs, a current valid local permit and a filled in application form which you can pick from their branch offices. You can too visit their website at and get started. The whole process is very simple and easy. For others, you can check here on how to get an IDP from any country.

How To Get An International Driving Permit (IDP) In Uganda With Automobile Association (AAU)

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