How To Hard Reset RCA Tablets / Q1, G1, M1 Smartphones

Hard reset RCA Tablets and Smartphones - Q1, G1, M1 Learn how to hard reset any RCA Tablet, Android or Windows Smartphones including the Q1, G1, M1 and any other version you may be owning. This is a tutorial which will help you to DIY for as long as you follow the simple steps and procedures shared in the article. Many people at some point prefer to perform a hard-resetting for their own reasons, well as many end up not doing it for not knowing how exactly to do it.

For you are reading this information, know it that you are lucky. Whether you own RCT6773W22, RCT6203w46, RCA25424RE1, [[[RCAG1 5.5″ Hd]]], RCAQ1 4G LTE, Voyager Tablet, 7 Inch and any other, all you need is to take a few minutes off your time and read this entire post. By the time you are through, you will have known the do it yourself complete guide for your Windows or Android smart device.

Hard resetting simply means cleaning and wiping every single data stored on any device including Google accounts, unlock pattern, pins and passwords in addition to reverting the device to its original factory settings. This option is called for in situations when a device starts to malfunction as a result of either an application, and or a change of the default settings in addition to having forgotten any of the key unlocking features associated with your device.

This procedure being irreversible, it is very important, and strongly recommended that one does a full back up of his or her data stored in the RCA Tablets or Smartphones just to be on the safe side in case anything happens.

Doing the back up is simple, you can use a computer and export all of your data and or put on the removable media device including an SD Card or memory card since many have such an option. Google drive is another backup option. And once you are done, the next thing is to follow the below to do a hard reset or even buy a new [[[RCA smartphone]]] on amazon.

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1. Charging up your [[[RCAQ1 4G LTE]]] device to more than 50% battery is recommended
2. Turn it off and remove the battery for some 20 seconds, and return it back.
3. Press the power together with the volume up key at the same time and wait for turning on signal.
4. Release power button and keep holding the Volume key until you see recovery menu.
5. Press send key or power key and select Wipe data/reset and confirm using either key.
6. Select “Yes to all” and confirm with the key which worked in 5 above.

You should wait Wait for partition and format to complete within a few seconds. Unlike the factory resetting option, here you will be prompted to reboot your device and you will be done..

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