How To Install Vyncs GPS Tracker Consumer Fleet

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vyncs gps tracker review

You can safely install and activate Vyncs GPS Tracker device in your car or fleet following these simple instructions below. At the end of it all, you will be ready to recieve unsafe driving alerts, roadside assistance alerts, geofencing, maintenance alerts, real-time location tracking, etc there by keeping your vehicle on the radar 24/7.

About Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs is described as the best “full service connected car solution that uses 4G wireless networks to transmit your vehicle’s data to your account and accessible from your computer and Android / iOS” once you have it installed.

By plugging in the Vyncs 4G Device in your car’s OBD-II port following the installation instructions shared in below, you are ready to access all your car data right from your computer, Android, or iOS device, and thus allowing you to access everything the way you want.

How Vyncs GPS Tracker Works

vyncs gps tracker best for long term tracking

The way these service works is very unique. All you need is to buy the Vyncs GPS Tracker device, validate it on their website, plugin it in your car OBD-II port and you will be ready to get started.

How to Verify and Validate Vyncs GPS Device

Vyncs GPS Vehicle Tracker registration
  • Open this link
  • Input the 15 digit IMEI number located on the device
  • Click Validate

Your device will be registered, verified, and added to your account. The above applies to customers who bought the device from an external source, for example from Amazon. In case you bought from the Vyncs website, you will need to confirm your email address and add the device to your account.

How To Install Vyncs GPS Tracker

  • Buy Vyncs GPS Tracker device
  • Log into your account
  • Register the device using its IMEI
  • Input the device into car OBD-II port
  • Wait for synchronising

You are set to go and ready to monitor and get alerts for your car/fleet unsafe driving alerts, roadside assistance alerts, geofencing, maintenance alerts, real-time location tracking, etc right from your mobile or desktop.

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Vyncs Referral

Did you know that in addition to monitoring and tracking your car, you can also earn some money when you join Vyncs’ referral program? Yes, this is very possible and you collect and earn up to 100% cash discount for your 1st-time purchase. Best of all, it works for both customers and non-customers. See the deal?

Follow the instructions below to join.

How to join Vyncs referral program

  • Visit this link
  • Scan the QR code to get the Vyncs app
  • Share your referral link with friends, others

When anyone visits Vyncs using your referral link, they will get 5% off when they purchase the device. And you will be able to accumulate up to 100% off your first purchase once you decide to buy the device, which means free tracking for your car. And for exisiting members, all they need is to share their unique referral link in order to get 100% off their next renewal valid for a year.


  • You can use the device as a consumer or fleet owner
  • The device works on both computer, android, and ios devices
  • Your vehicle must have an OBD-II port
  • Lower 4G coverage may lead tracker not working error
  • You have to create an account in order to add your device

Winding up

The Vyncs GPS Vehicle Tracker has been reviewed by many and confirmed to be one of the best tools when it xcomes to monitoriong and tracking your vehicle. Available at the lowest rates, it too comes with additions including roadside assistance which means much to a car owner. The next time you think of securing your fleet, you may want to try this out.

How To Install Vyncs GPS Tracker Consumer Fleet

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