How to Find Vehicle Year of Manufacture from Chassis Number

The year of manufacture matters much when it comes to vehicle purchases. Many buyers prefer buying cars whose date of manufacture falls in their preferences since this saves one in many ways. For example, the current vehicle import laws of Uganda limit the importation of second-hand (used) cars to years above 2006.

If you were wondering how you could get to know the motor vehicle manufacturing date without accessing the car logbook, but rather, from the Chassis number aka VIN, this post is for you. By providing your vehicle chassis number, you are able to know the month and year of manufacture, the engine capacity aka size, the transmission type, fuel system, color code, gear shift, deck, cabin, destination, market, model code, etc all at once.

Find the year and month of the vehicle using

  • Visit
  • Click “Register” to create an account
  • Open your “Email” and click the verification link
  • Click “Sign in” to log into your account
  • Click “Parts reference” and wait for the page to load.
  • Click “Select your car” and Enter “VIN or Frame #”
  • Click “search” and wait for results

Once you’ve entered the correct VIN or Chassis number, the vehicle particulars will be displayed as result. You can cross-check the particulars provided and confirm the month and year of manufacture of the particular vehicle you are trying to buy.


Whether you own a Maruti Suzuki, Mitshubishi, Toyota, Hyundai, etc, there are several ways and free online tools you can use to find the vehicle’s month and year of manufacture. All you need is the right tool for example ToyoDIY for Toyota, and instantly you will get the particulars at glance.

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