How to Instantly Bypass FRP On iTel A12

How to Instantly Bypass FRP On iTel A12 iTel A12 is one of the hot Android OS powered smartphones on the market. In fact, this mobile including other related models including the iTel A11 and etc not only look great but too are designed with lots of interesting features which any one would want to own in a mobile.

And when it comes to the security side, yes, they are well protected with FRP just in case of any unauthorized wipe and etc. In this tutorial, I am sharing with you how you can go about instantly bypassing Google’s Factory reset protection (FRP) on iTel A12/A11 for;

  1. If you can’t remember your linked account details and;
  2. if you forgot your password and etc thereby making it hard for you to regain access to your mobile.

FRP is a security feature which was introduced in newer android OS versions above from 5. This feature is intended to prohibit the use of one’s mobile in case of eg theft where one wipes the data, and which is the one common act thieves use. But in case you own the mobile but simply forgot, this article is for you and for informational purposes only.

How to bypass iTel A12, A11 FRP (Google account)

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1. Download fast boot reset tool free online.
2. Extract the file and to your desktop or folder.
3. Enter Fastboot on your iTel a12 or a11. Follow this guide.
4. On Fastboot app, open extract and double click on both Adb and fastboot.
5. Connect your phone to PC using USB cable.
6. Click on fastboot tool.
8. Type 1 and hit enter to check device.

Once your iTel is detected, you can chose a corresponding number from the list eg 9 and hitting enter to remove FRP on your iTel a12. The entire procedure is very simple and easy to follow for as long as you do it the right way.

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